Longing prayer of the full moon

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from Victoria's Sex Blog

i want to be with you
feel your warm hands on my body
your hot mouth on my nipples
your gentle eyes on my vulnerability

i want to wrap myself around you
take you in my arms
cradle your pain
and illuminate your nights with pleasure
i want to give to you my truth;
the reality of a loving body
that returns your passion
that responds to your desires
that smooths away your fears
and melts away your doubts
that can open up for you
the feminine that sleeps down below

i want to lose myself in you, in the moment
in the natural movement of everything unknown

that draws us towards each other
to forget ourselves for awhile,
I’ll pull you tenderly towards my breast
open myself to your desire
and together we will find that space
where the illusion of separation dissipates
and all that is broken is healed
right to the depths of our souls
by allowing the body to express itself
we re-weave the deep connections
that we surely once knew in another place and time
when we recognized that we have always shared the same name



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