Look, Listen and Learn

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My English book when I was in my primary school was called “Look, Listen and Learn” it was a very sweet and informative book.  It taught us life skills not only foreign language. I think it affected my life because I am looking to the facts and realities and trying to question them, then change them, I am listening to people stories and I am trying to know the morale of each story to guide me in my way.  And finally I am always learning.

I added a new L word, which is love, although I was not happy in my love life, however I have always believed that love is not only between a man and a women, it has many variations and one of its best variation is love between friends, and this is the motive of writing this post to celebrate valentine or the OSAP day, Organization of Saps, spinsters in Turkish.  I formed this organization with my best friends Asli and Ece, to celebrate being independent, mature, well educated, professional and single women.

I still believe that I am complete, even if Mr. Right is not next to me; my photo is perfect and pretty although I am alone.  I know that love is an added value to everyone life, but I will not pause my life to search for it, I will never cry for it as a lost blessing, I will enjoy the other blessing in my life till it come to make my life more beautiful, he is a valued contribution but not my pillar.

I am happy by myself, I am happy alone it’s true, I am happy by my self but I am happier with you.


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