Love Takes Over: A new national campaign for same-sex marriage

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One week.  One unified voice.  Let’s take over America’s local newspapers.

What to do:

Write an Opinion Piece to your local newspaper in support of same-sex marriage.  All across the nation, others will be doing the same.

Articles are to be printed at any point during the week of Sunday, January 3rd - Saturday, January 9th.

Note: Please email your article to so we can post it up on our blog (

Things you might discuss in your article:

- Why this issue matters to you (your personal story)
- Why Civil Marriage is a Civil Rights issue
- Rights and protections granted through marriage
- Why Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships are not equal to marriage
- How inequality affects the families and children of same-sex couples

- A suggestion from Jude Stevens and blogger SecondClassCitizens: Consider writing a letter to your hometown about your experiences growing up LGBT or being a straight ally.  How does inequality affect LGBT youth?  How will marriage equality help them?

- College Students: If your college is on winter break during this event - please write an Opinion Piece to your hometown newspaper. You may then submit the article to your school newspaper upon returning to campus. You might also consider writing about any responses or reactions you receive and sharing them with your campus.

Please also alert your local newspaper of the fact that your piece is part of a nationwide effort.  This will enhance the chances of your piece being published.

We will also be posting up select articles on our blog:

Email a copy of your article to:

Why should you participate?

We don’t need to lecture you on the power of a good Opinion Piece. These articles are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to open up dialogue on issues you’re passionate about.

People have been writing to newspapers on the topic of same-sex marriage for many years now (and should continue to do so). However, imagine if for one week -proponents of same-sex marriage completely took over our newspapers in a nationwide act of solidarity.

Think about it: One week. One social justice issue. Everywhere.
Everywhere across the nation - people will be reading a local opinion in favor of equality.

Newspapers give us the chance to grab the attention of our local communities. Let’s take this chance together and use it to create positive change.

Why are we focusing on local papers?

We believe in the power of small. We believe that the small steps people take everyday to educate their families, friends, and local communities are a vital part of any social justice movement. We feel that individuals and local organizers have the power to create intimate dialogues on social justice issues - and that these dialogues help change the hearts and minds of those who might otherwise turn a blind eye to these issues.

Progress thrives with diversity. We need different types of actions ranging from large-scale to small-scale to make it happen. Progress happens via a combination of national, statewide, and local efforts. We’re here to focus on the power of small, local actions - with a dash of national solidarity.

The beauty of local efforts is that you are a member of your local community. You know better than anyone how to reach out to your neighbors.

Reach out. Tell your community why supporting equality matters to you - and should to them.

What is the background of this initiative?

On November 3, 2009 - a small majority of Maine citizens voted to ban same-sex marriage in their state. This was the second time opponents to equality launched a multi-million dollar effort to strip same-sex couples of their civil rights after marriage equality had already been granted.

Maine and California are part of a disturbing trend in America: Small majorities denying a minority group their civil rights through multi-million dollar campaigns and voter referendums.

Opponents to same-sex marriage hail Maine as a turning point in this fight. They view Maine as an ultimate victory that exposes America’s unwillingness to progress on the issue of same-sex marriage.

We believe Maine’s decision to ban same-sex marriage isn’t a victory for anyone. It’s a failing of compassion. We also believe that 53% is hardly a discouraging number - for it exposes the vast amount of individuals who came out to support equality for same-sex couples. These are numbers that the LGBT community could only dream about a few short years ago.

Time is on the side of equality. The LGBT community’s activism is working. The conversations about same-sex marriage are reaching people.

Let’s keep those conversations going.

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