Ma Vie En Rose

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"Ma Vie en Rose" ("My Life In Pink") is the story of Ludovic, a little girl born in a little boy's body. For this child, nothing is more natural than to change gender. A hopeful and sensitive child, who truly believes that a miracle is going to happen.  Confident of becoming a girl with no doubts and in love with Jerome, a school mate, and son of the father's colleague.

Initially a source of amusement, an outrage begins in their suburb when the two children are discovered pretending to get married. The family begins to realize with horror that this desire to be a girl isn't just a little boy's fantasy. They try to make him change his mind, to no avail. The situation turns into a real-life drama of intense reactions from neighbors, friends, and teachers, resulting in a profoundly optimistic ending.

"Ma Vie en Rose" is the first feature from Belgian director Alain Berliner.

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