Made in China: Artificial Hymen

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[File under: give-me-a-fucking-break-you-ass-headed-freaks!]

In several countries, Chinese-made, 'artificial' hymens, ready for use, are available free.  In the Arab region, Syria is seen selling the "revolutionary" product on the black market.  In Egypt, investors are seriously considering its introduction.

The principle is simple and can be "mounted" by the woman herself.  Talk on some forums greatly appreciate.  It includes fake blood to more fully sell the illusion.

"the greatest invention of all time, ohh the Chinese, the saviors of the honor of Muslim women."

Others question whether the Chinese will make after-market kits to detect 'real virginity'.


Seriously, folks - there are some completely fucked up conversations around sex, gender and body out there.  Femicide, FGM, MGM, homophobia, transphobia, the 'virgin cure' to name only a few of the most blatant and violent. 

What's the common thread?  I wonder...hmmm.  Oh, yeah - that's right Sexism and Patriarchy. 

I tend to view brutality as exactly that - one or more persons brutalizing another or others.  The system of teaching it, enforcing it and encouraging brutality is woven into every aspect of culture.  Religion, law, commerce, family and even language itself all serve to perpetuate and encourage the brutalizing of women and people branded as women

There are the overt, violent acts themselves - killing, hitting, scarring, rape, slavery, etc.  Then, there are overt language based attacks - insulting, threatening, criminalizing through laws and my (least) favorite - preaching from the pulpit. (pricks!)  On top of those levels, there is another covert level, hidden in the messages of image and language.  We see this in marketing, sales, advertising, etc. 

This artificial hymen touches all of these message mediums in an filthy, disgusting, demeaning, commercializing, putrid combination of overt objectification and deception. 

And, so as not to go unnoticed, I'm willing to bet that since this shit is made in China - it is probably packed with some fucked up chemicals that will induce cancer in one out of every 3 women that use the goddamn things.

Nothing - I mean nothing is more widespread than this male desire for a virgin.  That one single conversation is used to control women's bodies, their agency in their own lives, strip them of ownership of their own bodies and sexuality and reduce them to a piece of fucking cattle to be bought, sold, fucked and slaughtered.

It. Has. Got. To. Go.

Jessica Valenti has a book out - The Purity Myth.  I highly recommend that you read a copy today.  Here's Jessica herself, discussing it.

God fucking dammit, I'm pissed!



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Hi Arvan, thank you for expressing youself with the number of expletives that this crap deserves. We have to keep on building up the softer, more respectful, sane and tender aspects of sex!... xo V.

I was seething when I saw this crap...

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Thankfully, the Bears game came on when I was writing this.  Otherwise, my head may have exploded if I was left alone to consider this much further.


THe Hymen is just another way for women to submit to men

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it is a man's job to "take " a woman's virginity. The Hymen is also the symbol of purity and means a women is worthy of a man (to marry etc..)

I guess one could also look at this subject of replacement hymens in the opposite light. Of course I agree offering women a way (inexpensive at that) to maintain the illusion of purity for men doesn't change the sexism, gender discrimination and patriarchial social construct inherant in the product. But what happens if you view this as the fake hymen providing women a way to control their own sexuality. They are taking back their purity so -to-speak.

I don't agree with that but I think it's fair to bring up the other side of this.

Thanks for bringing attention to this topic.


well, you know me...I like to consider all sides

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So, if a woman sees this as somehow Feminist in her life, I am going to respect that.  I am no one to tell another person how to identify their own sex, gender or body...or one's self as a Feminist.

I won't agree with her much at the onset, but I would listen to her perspective (should she offer to share it). 

I would listen for two reasons. 

The first and most important reason is because there is no better source for the terms of our identity than each one of us, ourselves.  I know my identity, you know yours and so on...  We know the environment of our lives, our cultures, our choices and the consequences of our actions.

The other reason I'd listen?  Because I have been wrong about so many things in this life, that it's probably best that I stop talking and just listen.


Hey, dont get me wrong

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i totally agree with your original post though. . . LOL it's insane



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