Masturbation As Meditation

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When I was 18 or 19, at a time in my life when I had a lot of free time on my hands (not unlike now), I had the freedom to take really long showers. The shower in the apartment I lived in at the time had really good water pressure, if you know what I mean. I realized that after getting into the habit of masturbating every morning, I found myself feeling pretty relaxed everyday. I came to the conclusion that masturbation could count as a form of self-help, stress relief, therapy, which led me to believe that everyone should masturbate at least once a day and that if everyone did we’d live in a much better world.

Betty Dodson in her book Sex for One writes about Masturbation as Meditation. As she tells it, she had started practicing transcendental meditation everyday in two twenty minute sessions. At one point, when pressed for time, she decided to incorporate her meditation mantra into her masturbation session. Instead of two twenty minute sessions a day, she would masturbate for forty minutes every night while repeating her mantra. Time saving and delightfully orgasmic. What a discovery she had made, “Now everyone will want to meditate”.

Not exactly, her meditation friends tended to think her obsession with sex had showed up at the wrong place and time. Her sex minded friends thought it was kind of funny and others sort of gently patted her on the head “assuming [she] wanted to aggrandize masturbation”. I know, patronizing, right? But wait, she got some facts to back her shit up. Betty Dodson would jerk off for science. Her friend Raymond, a P.h.D. sex researcher, was conducting a study at Rutger’s University, which would demonstrate the significance of brain phenomena during orgasm.

[Raymond] was investigating how sexual behavior affects the right and left hemispheres [...] He would be monitoring brain activity with an electroencephalograph (EEG) while also recording cardiac, circulatory, and muscular changes in the body.

On the day Betty would play guinea pig, she showed up at the lab with her trusted vibrator and needed nothing but the reality of the situation: “Three faceless lovers in white coats, fingering dials and carefully adjusting instruments as they watched the readout on Anonymous Subject Number 5503″, to get herself off. Just before the Big O, which has been proceeded by a smaller one, tragedy would strike: the idiots cut her off and told her the session was over.

Incredible! All three scientists had pulled out just as I was about to come. Damn it! Why do men always do that? I fumed. They’d missed recording my Bog O by three seconds. [...] Later I learned who My technician lovers had short-circuited my second orgasm. They feared I was on the onset of a heart attack! According to their graphs and charts ecstasy was hazardous to my health. Scientific nonsense! I’d been having orgasm like that for years.

Despite the miscommunication between Betty and her technician lovers, the results where still fascinating. Raymond explained to Betty the concept of different brain frequencies referred to as beta (ordinary consciousness and rational thinking), alpha (REM sleep), theta (deep sleep with little or no dream activity), and delta (deepest level, muscle activity is suspended and coma occurs).

It all made sense.

The minute I threw the switch on my vibrator, my brain waves registered alpha, and they stayed there throughout the entire masturbation sequence except just before the medium orgasm and again before the Big O they missed recording. At those points, my brain waves dipped down into theta. I was using a deeper dimension of my mind for experiencing pleasure. My brain was having a quick, deep, restful sleep, while my body was moving, heart pumping, blood flowing, and muscles flexing all the way through orgasm.

There you have it, another good reason to masturbate!

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