More Sad News: Jenna Jameson calls cops on boyfriend Ortiz for domestic violence

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Ugh, this is sad. I just wrote about Kim Kardashian being a victim of violence and now another celebrity is involved in a domestic assault case. According to TMZ, the cops were called to Jameson's home in California for a disturbance. They later reported that boyfriend and father to her children Tito Ortiz, was arrested for physically assaulting her.

Here is the video of Jenna after receiving medical care. It is heartbreaking to watch and may be triggering. In the video , Jenna reassures the photographer, through tears , that she is okay. The man in the passenger seat is her father.

Of course, there will be victim blaming and slut shaming all over the place about this, especially if Ortiz is penalized by MMA ( he is a professional athlete).

More sad details on this are sure to come out. I wish violence against women wasn't so fucking prevalent, it makes me really sad.

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