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(This call for models is posted at Morgasm.  Visit the site for more information about the artist and how you can participate.)

This is a call for models - The project is outlined below but there are no limits on who I’d like to model for me. If the project resonates with you, please get in touch! And of course send it to your friends!

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your email. (here)

I’ve been asked to create a show for the Canterbury House in Berkeley. I’ve decided to photograph people (regardless of gender) in the traditional poses of the Virgin Mary - Each subject gets to choose the background, costume, and halo that represents what they feel makes them powerful and holy.

The Canterbury House runs a program for “UC Berkeley’s Episcopal and Anglican students and their friends.” It is a welcoming space for all people (regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, ability, etc) to gather and discuss faith. I am friends with the Chaplain, Tom Poynor, and am supporting his program because I feel it’s a valuable space for people to gather safely to talk about their spirituality. Although I do not subscribe to a religion myself, I feel that this opportunity to explore religious iconography and reclaim the image of the Virgin for myself and my community is exciting and challenging.

The Virgin Mary/Santa Maria/La Virgen is possibly the most accessible figure in Christianity - A humble, earthly woman who was chosen to fulfill a great task. The Holy Virgin represents protection, understanding, care, and love.The idea of a poor woman being chosen to bring the son of God into the world is incredibly appealing- The image of Mary is worshiped by people all around the world. The Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe (a specific image of the Virgin popular in Mexico) is the second most visited holy site second only to the Vatican. The Holy Mother is beloved to so many because she represents the unrepresented. She cares for those who are forgotten, creates a safe space for those who are excluded.

Many people find power in her image because she represents a simple, downtrodden woman who was chosen by God. I want to claim her image for my community. Queers, women, transfolx, young people..We hold so much power. We are holy. We are the humble downtrodden who are capable of amazing things.

Traditional images of the Virgin have her surrounded by a halo of light to show her holiness/glory/spirit. If you’re interested in posing for me, please send me an email with what your vision is. You get to choose what you’ll be wearing (or not), what will be in the background, how your halo will be represented.. Think about what represents your holiness? Your power? Your spirit? I want to create images that can act as icons for our community. Images that inspire and protect.

Some traditional images to get your inspiration- these are the types of poses I’d like to recreate:

This project is what you all make it- So please come to me with your ideas and excitement. If you have friends you think would be interested, please pass the word on!


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