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Another Transgender shooting in Memphis, as covered by the Tenn. Transgender Political Coalition. 

We were contacted by a reporter with Channel 3 (WREG-TV) who provided a copy of an affidavit of a shooting that occurred in South Memphis on Wednesday, May 27.  The man arrested for the shooting, Terron Taylor, told police that he did it because the victim “misrepresented his gender.”

The victim, identified as Kelvin Denton, is in critical condition after being shot in the nose and throat.

At this point, we do not know any details about Denton’s life, but regardless, we abhor this sort of violence for any reason.  Our thoughts and prayers of everyone in the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition go out to Kelvin, family and friends, for a speedy recovery.

We urge Shelby County authorities to prosecute Taylor aggressively and not permit the use of the trans-panic defense.

Feminisnt book review: The Government vs. Erotica: The Siege of Adam & Eve, by Philip D Harvey:

Judge [Robert] Bork would have us believe that today’s popular culture is “more vulgar than at any time in the past.” He looks back fondly on the 1930s, when performers sang about “the way you look tonight,” with a warm smile, a soft cheek, “nothing for me but to love you.” But public lynchings were sometimes popular “entertainment” in the 1930s, too, a phenomenon that strikes me as a lot more coarse than any form of rap.


In American culture, this phenomenon is exemplified by Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine… As writer and sociologist MG Lord observes, “Hustler’s scatological fantasies have less to do with penetrating women than with the rage at having not penetrated the privileged classes.” Laura Kipnis adds, “The catalogs of social resentments Hustler trumpets, particularly against class privilege, makes it by fat the most openly class-antagonistic mass-circulation periodical of any genre.” [...] Hustler, contrariwise [to Playboy and Penthouse], goes out of its way to harpoon the upper crust, to denigrate those PhD elitists, to fart on the pretensions of the ruling class, or anyone pretending to be holier than thou.

Akimbo draws attention to the Child Marriage Prevention Act in a piece by Audacia Ray:

To succeed in strengthening U.S. foreign policy, including reducing poverty and maximizing our development assistance, and upholding the human rights of girls and women around the world, ending child marriage must continue to be a policy priority for Congress and the Administration.  Read what our Vice President Beth Fredrick has to say on the significance of this bold legislation in a blog post on RH Reality Check.


 h+ has their Summer Issue out now in digital format, of course.


Spring 2009 Issue

Cover Stories

    :: Designer Baby Controversy
    :: From X Prize to Singularity U
    :: Biohacking Arrives
    :: Legalize Sports Doping?
    :: Was That a Bot or a Human?
    :: Chris Conte's Microbotic Art


    :: Here Come the Neurobots
    :: Real Discrimination Against Virtual People
    :: The Man Behind Biosphere 2
    :: Everything of the Dead: The Future of Humanity is Zombie
    :: Life On Mars with Pete Worden


Thanks to Sinclair Sexsmith at Sugarbutch Chronicles for the link to Yay genderform, a site where you can label yourself in an amazing variety of way.  I took a shot at the 'randomizer' (yeah, baby!)  You can even post it to Facebook and the output is in html code.  This may become a daily addiction of mine.

My name is
My gender is
ALWAYS!, acault, activist, admirer, agender, aggressive, aionolit, alien, ally, ambigender, androdyke, androgyne, androgynous, angekok, angel, aromantic, asexual, assertive, aunt, authoritarian, autosexual, BDSM, baby dyke, bade, bayot, bear, bear lover, bearded lady, beautiful, bent, bi-romantic, bicurious, bimbo, bioboy, biogirl, bitch, blessed, blond, bondage, boy, boy in a skirt, boy lover, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, boydyke, brick, brunet, brunette, bulldagger, burl, burly, butch-loving, butchdyke, byke, Communist, caring, cat lover, celibate, chapstick lesbian, chaser, chick, chick with a dick, child, chubby, cis-sexual, cisgender, cisgender girl, cisgender man, cisgender person, cisgender woman, clockable, communist, complex, confidant, counselor, creature, crip, crossdresser, crossgender, cuddly, Democrat, DL, DS, daddy, dairy queen, daughter, deep stealth, dike-nwami, diva, do-me queen, dog, dominant, downe, drag hag, drag king, drag prince, drag queen, drama queen, dreamer, dudette, dunno yet, dyke, dyke on a bike, dykefag, effanineffable, enaree, eonist, epicene, estranged, etc., everything, extrovert, F2M, FABGLITTER, FePhe, FTMTF, FTX, fabulous, fag, fag stag, faggot, faggotdude, fairy, family, fancy, fangirl, fat, fat dyke, faux queen, fellagirly, female, female impersonator, female-bodied, feminist, femme, femme-fucking, femme-ish, femmy, fightfucker, flirt, flirty, fluffy, fluid, fourth gender, friendless, friendly, full of love, full-time, furry, Galla, GLBT, GLBTQ, GLBTQA, GLBTQI, Green, gay-curious, geek, gelding, gender abolitionist, gender atypical, gender bender, gender challenged, gender defender, gender deviant, gender nazi, gender neutral, gender outlaw, gender pirate, gender refusenik, gender subversive, gender variant, gender warrior, gendered, genderfuck, genderful, genderless, genderstraight, gendertrash, genetic girl, gentleman, gink, girl hater, girlboy, girlfag, girly boy, girly-girl, glittery, god, goddess, grrl, grrlboy, 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What's yours?

The Herald Sun reports of a court allowing a transgender teen to have breasts removed:

The 17-year-old, codenamed Alex, has been on hormone treatment ordered by the Family Court to prevent menstruation and breast development since she was 13, The Age newspaper said.

She returned to the court in December last year to seek permission for a double mastectomy so she would look more like a boy, the newspaper said.

The Chief Justice of the Family Court, Diana Bryant, said it was in the teen's best interests to have the surgery immediately rather than wait until she turned 18.


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This makes me want to use words that a gentleman might not want to say. TransGRiot says it all here.

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