MSNBC: Women Attracted to "Father Types" to "Mate" When They Take The Pill

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I don't know about anyone else, but the Pill makes me crazy.  So my birth control options are limited to the non-hormone variety.  I guess that means that forever and always I'll be stuck going after the "Cad"; the type of guy that won't ever marry me or help me raise our kids.  At least this is true according to a new study out of Britain.  The study finds women who take hormones for birth control are more apt to attract and be attracted to men who are more likely to settle down with them.  This is because they don't have the typical peak and valley of hormones during the month, which sees a rise in hormones around ovulation (fertility) and causes, in theory, women to go after the most masculine looking male.

But when women aren’t ovulating, they tend to gravitate toward photos of men with a more feminine look, Alvergne says. The theory is that when hormones aren’t raging, women want to be with a less testosteronized man, one who is likely to stick around for the long haul.  With the Pill to smooth out peaks in hormones, researchers found that women weren’t ever drawn to the macho man, says Alvergne.  And the fallout from that little hormonal tweak could be very significant, she says.  What if the man a woman chooses when she’s on the Pill isn’t the one she’d like to be with when she goes off of it — to make babies, for example?

The information I get about this study is from a popculture mainstream news outlet.  And although the study itself may very well be legit, the article exposes how our society's perception of women is constructed.  You will notice all throughout the article that women and men are definitively attracted to stereotypical and modern gender specific norms.  Moreover, these "facts' are substantiated by a scientific study, which convince the reader that this has to be true.

Even the men were impacted by a woman's cycle. Studies show that women who don't take the Pill actually look different and peak in their sex appeal in the days leading up to ovulation.  Their voices become deeper, their faces take on a more symmetrical appearance and they dress more provocatively.  Thus, they are more attractive to men when they are their most fertile.

See, if I dress sexier non-committed men will be attracted to me because they will subconciously know that I'm fertile and they must want to spread their seed, which they will not want to be responsible for! The notion that women need, or do, dress provocatively to attract men is very stereotypical and very sexist. Yet, it's included on more than one occasion within this article and study.

What is more, the article, and perhaps the study, which is conducted by anthropologists, ignore other major factors that contribute to attraction. Anthropologists should know this. So while the findings seem to suggest a legitimate piece of the "attraction" puzzle , the manner in which the data is presented doesn't do anything but perpetuate tired old stereotypes about women, hormones and sexual behavior.


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