My First Gay Experience

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Having a friend read this, she said it was refreshing to read about a different aspect of gay sex, I hope you all agree.

I’d gone to college with Ray and stayed in touch with him afterwards.  He didn’t come out till after college, but it’s something that I suspected (and I found out later he had the same suspicions but just never wanted to admit it).  He had told me one day, before he came out, that he had tried it with a guy he knew as he had wanted to give it a shot.  He said it was ok, but he was sore afterwards lol.  A While after he had came out I was talking to him on MSN and he was telling me about his current BF.  He sent me a picture and I half jokingly responded with something like ‘MMMM he’s cute, can I have a go ;) ;)” which promted his respone “You ever been with a guy before?”.  I had’nt but had always thought about it, I occasionally got off to gay/bi/trans porn and often masturbated whilst fucking myself with toys.  We talked about it for abit and eventually got round to arranging for him to come round one evening when I had the house to myself to have some fun.

We talked about it for a couple of weeks, till the opportunity arose that the house would be empty for the night.  During one chat session we got to talking about cock size, and since we both had cams decided to fire them up and pull out our cocks.  Unbeknownst to Ray as he was sorting his cam out I went into my ‘toy’ drawer and pulled out my big thick 12″ vibe, it’s about the girth of a coke can (fyi. I can take about 2/3 of it into my arse).  We both put out cams on, looking at our faces, I had the vibe resting on my knees for the time being.  He stood up and pulled out his cock, It was a rather nice 6 1/2″er, looked lots of fun.  It was my turn, I had already unzipped my trousers in preperation and had the vibe jutting out from my crotch.  I moved the cam down slightly so he could see most of it, the look on his face was priceless, it was a combination of shock/terror & lust.  He was momentarily speechless, I told him not to worry and showed him what it really was, I then pulled out my real cock, which is a comfortable 6″er, he liked what he saw.

The day finally arrived for him to come round, I had the house to myself all day friday till about miday saturday.  I was working till 10 so he agreed to get the bus and meet me outside of work.  I finished just after 10 and we jumped into my car and headed back to mine.  When we got home I got him a glass for his wine and we headed up to my room.  We sat chilling out for abit watching an episode of Family Guy.  After Family Guy was done I put on some porn.  Whilst we were watching porn he went off to the bathroom and came back totally naked.  Slightly in shock I headed off to the bathroom, stripped off and gave myself a douching.

Coming back in he was sat on my bed watching the porn so I went and sat next to him.  He reached over and started playing with my cock, which almost instantly became hard.  Not wanting to miss out on the fun I reciprocated.  After a couple minutes of stroking each others cocks I thought fuck it and leaned down to start sucking his cock.  I had sucked on my vibes before but sucking a real cock was so much better.  He said I sucked cock well and was I sure it was my first time, I assured him it was.  Wanting to get my cock in his mouth he got me to move round so we were 69ing each other, him on the bottom, me on the top.  We both kept alternating from sucking cock to licking balls, he suddenly changed things up and jammed his tounge in my arse.  Wow, rimming is a fantastic sensation, If you have never tried it I advise that you do.  Following his cue I started to rim him whilst jerking him off.  Once his arsehole was nicely lubed I slid a finger in and started to finger as I sucked him.  Looking about I noticed the lube was out of reach so I climbed off him, grabbed the lube, lubed a second finger up, got between his legs, slid both fingers in and took his cock deep in my mouth again.

Aching to fuck him I took his cock from my mouth and my fingers from his arse.  I pulled him down the bed abit so he was laying flatter, lubed my cock up and slowly slid it in him (he said it had been a while since he had recieved so I had to be gentle).  I slowly fucked him whilst jerking on his cock.  Sliding my cock deeper into him with each thrust he groaned with pleasure.  After a few minutes of fucking him he said it was my turn.  He had me get on my hands and knees facing away from him.  He proceeded to rim my arsehole with such ferocity I had to steady myself as my legs went weak at one point.  Pulling his tounge from my hole he lubbed up a couple of fingers and started to fingerfuck me to get me nice & loose.  When I was ready he slathered lube allover his cock an eased it into my virgin (kinda :P ) arsehole.  I slowly pushed back against him, wanting to take his full length.  He started off slowly, but sensing the way I was forcing myself back on to him, he started fucking me hard.  Fucking yourself with a toy can no way replicate the hard fucking you recieve off another person, Im glad we barebacked as it allowed me to feel his entire cock sliding in and out of my arsehole & his balls slapping against me.  He stopped fucking me and pulled out and told me to turn over.  I got on my back with my legs in the air and he entered me again.  As he was fucking me I started to jerk off.  With the hard pounding I was taking it didnt take me long to come, shooting a huge wad right onto my stomach.  He said he was getting close and wanted me to stick a dildo up his arse as I jerked him off.  Laying again on his back I slide a pink jelly vibe up his arse and fucked him untill he came hard, shooting his load onto his chest.

We cleaned ourselves up and had something to eat whislt watching more Family Guy.  It was now about 1am so we both thought it was a good idea to get some sleep.  Laying in bed we chatted about the experience for a while.  Getting his second wind he moved his hand across the bed and started to rub my cock again.  Not wanting to lay there and be took advantage of I reached over, slide my hand in his boxer shorts and started to jerk him off.  It didnt take us long to both be rock hard again.  Pulling my boxers down he slid under the duvet and started to suck on my cock.  Giving him a few minutes to have fun I wanted to return the favour and soon his boxers were also gone and we were both on our sides 69ing again.  He started to finger my arse, which made me squrim with delight, so I started to rim him & suck on his balls.  With his finger deep in my arse and the rough jerking of my cock I quickly came on my stomach again.  Saying he wanted to cum on my chest he stood up and shot his wad right where he wanted it.  Both now spent we cleaned up and went to sleap.

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Sex ed.

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You see I wish I had known about this thing when I had sex ed in school.

We were never taught about orgasms, just ejaculation as a process. Never about sex for kicks and never about anything other than straight couples. And no one mentioned that rape was possible and so on.

So I think this is a needed article, or at least was an eye openner for me. There is something so natural about two guys togther and this shows that.

That and it is rather erotic!

Thorna Kate.

Thank you for your comments

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Thank you for your comments TK, I am very pleased you found it eye opening & erotic :).

I agree with your comments on sex ed in schools.  All we had we pretty much just a bunch of sessions of putting condoms on test tubes and being told about sex in fairly vague roundabout terms.  I dont know what they teach in schools nowadays but I hope topics like casual sex, homosexuality, rape etc are more prevelant then when I learned about it.  Im not saying advocate these things, but since the younger generation is more sexually active these topics need to be broached in a more serious manner.  Just because you talk openly about sex doesnt mean that the kids are going to run off and start doing it willy nilly.  You would hope that open communication would make then more likely to think about it and be safe when they do go to do it.

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