My Husband is an Autogynephiliac

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 On September 18. I got a comment over at my blog that rally touched me. It was a comment from Susanne, who had discovered some photos of her husband that revealed a part of his life that she had known nothing about. 

She was shocked and felt betrayed, as is to be expected. Then she did something unexpected. She went out on the Web doing research in order to find out what could cause her husband to dress up in female lingerie.

By doing so, she demonstrated how important sites like sexgenderbody and others that discuss transgender phenomena can be -- not only for the transgendered people themselves, but also their family members.

She has now put up her own blog. She writes: "This blog is not about my husband - it is about me and how I am dealing with the changes that are occurring in my life."

Hopefully, it can be of help to others.


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I think overall, it seems

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I think overall, it seems that a fetish or kink that is discovered by accident seems the most shocking.   I can understand the feeling of betrayal, especially if the other party is not in the know until somewhere deep into the relationship or, more extreme, right after marriage.

Communication is definitly going to be the biggest asset to be properly introduced to this female force within her mate.  I wish her the best of luck



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