New Call for Submissions: Personal Reflections on Gender

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The original Hackgender call for submissions lasted one week and was intended as the start of an urgent conversation on gender.

This archive is an extension of that project, intended as an ongoing space for archiving both new and old thoughts on gender. We are now accepting submissions in all digital forms: text, photos, art, comics, blogs, video and more.

July: Personal Reflections Call for Work

In July, we are seeking work to extend one of the popular themes that emerged from the original call: personal reflections on gender identity. What are your thoughts on gender in regards to yourself? Your identity? Your sexual orientation? Your desires? Your community?

All submissions will be archived on, linked to your own blog or page if applicable, and announced through the Hackgender twitter account with the #hackgender hashtag.

Work can be submitted through the contribution form: if you have a project that cannot be submitted through that form or require assistance, email at info -at-

July's call starts July 1st at 12:01am EST and ends July 31st at 11:59pm EST.

After this time, works on this topic will still be accepted but the call for submissions will move on to a new area and new personal reflections will no longer be featured or announced on twitter.

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