A new perfume based on the scent of a woman's vagina

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Oh. My. God.  I have got to get a whiff of this.  Some company in Germany has designed a perfume that smells like pussy.  Apparently, they spent a lot of time on figuring it out and it smells like just the right mix of urine, sweat and vaginal secretions. 

I don't know how they make it, but I am having flashes of collection tubes inserted into comatose women without their permission and kickbacks to hospitals & nursing homes.  

I'm curious about the target market.  Is this for real women trying to attract men or is it for men that want take their fleshlight masturbating experience to the next level?

On top of that, they created this ad which combines all sorts of images and fetishes. 

For the full-on Vulva experience, you need to visit their website, smellmeand.com.  They have images, videos and an online store of course.  However, the site design is noteworthy because it reminds me of several product websites.  It's like a combination of German sports car, furniture design, luxury fountain pen, porn & fetish websites all rolled into one.

There is a nice interview with the designer on Viceland.com and McBirdie.net has a vlog on the product as well.   

I don't have any problem with this.  It's just another facet of how we deal with our bodies and some people like the smell of vagina.  I freely admit that I am one of those individuals.  I am definitely curious about what demographic ends up being the major buyer of this perfume though. 

Of course, with this on the shelves, how long until we have the scent of latex and/or semen in an asshole?


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