New video from ladyVixion: DiRTY CROSS-DRESsER

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Goddammit, this girl is funny!


Here are her liner notes:


If you bring up the subject of cross dressing to a Transexual usually you get a "rolling of the eyes", or "sigh" response. Its easy to understand why from a Political Rights, point of view. Cross dressers are largely stereotyped as people who dress like women for sexual fetish, and because our groups are very similar to the untrained eye, we get confused with them. Why is this a challenge? Well on the front of equal rights its easier to grant them to a person with gender dysphoria who is living as normal of a life as possible (non-threatening) than grant a person who just dresses like a women for "fetish"- ie you don't need rights because you are not presenting in day to day life.

To all my cross dressers, Never fear, because I believe in the right to be who you are! Be that a Transexual who is fully transitioning, a transgendered person who is finding where they fit in-between, a asexual person who functions completely out of gender variable, and cross dressers who are expressing something ( you fill in the blank).

Its really about education. Non-bias education. For instance I explain the different groups when coming out to someone so that they understand where I fit into this equation.

I love all my vixi! WhomEVER YOU ARE! xoxoxo, if you feel good and are not hurting someone, yourself, or something, I don't see a problem in it! Be your ever-evolving self!

Love always

I want to thank all of your wonder messages and comments for my last video. You don't know how many times I got weepy from what you shared with me. Thank you! I am still getting back to all of ya, give me a little time! LOVE!


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In case you've clicked on the

In case you've clicked on the video link after November 1, 2010; just a note to let you know that ladyvixion's youtube channel has been deleted. She is still viewable in episodes of trannystargalactica on youtube, and has left a message to viewers on CastTV (go to CastTV and type in ladyvixion). If you're interested, spread this message so that members of the trans community don't lose touch with her (and her view on the world).
There is also a message whose link is shown at the end of the CastTV video. If you're internet savvy, follow the link and help keep people in touch.
She is still reachable on Myspace and Twitter. send her a note and show your support.

as always,

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