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Not my beautiful Lara!!!!

Lara Stone, my nominee for Sexiest Woman On The Whole Entire Motherfucking Planet, is undergoing a "fitness regime"because she is tired of being "the fat model".
Tell me, does this woman need to change anything?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Lara's attitude and curves are what sets her apart from the rest of the current stars of the modeling world. I think it is so sad that all of the obsession about her weight is getting to her.
Not to mention that Lara is a SIZE FREAKING FOUR. Anyone in fashion who considers size four women to be fat and/or that "fat" women can't sell clothes or inspire designers can go fuck themselves gently with a chainsaw.
Someone please give Lara a hug for me. And a copy of Crystal Renn's book.
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I was not familiar with this person before today

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But, your post is dead-on.  She needs a diet like I need more coffee. :-/


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