Not Trans Enough? A Special Genderqueer Chicago Safe Space Meeting

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You ever feel like you're not trans enough?  Or not queer enough?  Or not (insert identity here) enough?

Maybe you pass under the radar so well that you feel invisible and excluded?  Or you question if your life decisions betray the ideals set forth by trans histories?  Or you can choose when to be visibly queer?  Or you want to be "read" in ways you are often not?

This Wednesday, we will break down the myth of "trans enough," both as a concept and lived insecurity we share.  We'll be asking: what makes us policy ourselves?  How can reconcile our many intersecting identities with gender variance?  What expectations do our queer communities place on us?  How do we find our truth in all of these mixed signals?

Join Genderqueer Chicago for this special safe space discussion.

This Wednesday at the Gerber/ Hart Library
1127 W. Granville, Chicago, IL (off the red line Granville Stop)

Genderqueer Chicago is...

An open community group, Genderqueer Chicago strives to create safe spaces for gender-non-conforming people as well as those who are questioning their gender identity/expression.

We hold meetings to debrief, discuss, and connect with other genderqueer individuals.  These meetings are complemented by film screenings, parties, and guerilla theatre performances.

Additionally, we showcase the writing, video, dance, design, and photo work of community members here on the blog.  We invite Chicagoans and non-Chicagoans to submit.

For more information, media requests, and submissions to our blog, please e-mail us

Genderqueer Chicago is not a political campaign or activist group.

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and anyone wishing to take part is considered family.

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