Now, I’m A Feminist, But…Not Really.

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Today I wiped my mac completely clean and installed Leopard on a fresh, back to original factory settings machine, mostly because it had been running kind of slowly and also because yes, I was that fucking bored.

So I install my handy dandy StumpleUpon toolbar and off I go, and look what I find!  By the name alone I was hoping for some cool, maybe even feminist web comic, but…no.

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Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Breastfeeding is icky!  Boobs are ugly if not being used as sexual objects!  Fuck that, and fuck you if you hold similar sentiments.  Breast feeding is natural and necessary, and actually not comparable at all to having bowel movements in public, can people let that dumbass non-metaphor go already?  It’s stupid and could not be less accurate.  No one forces you to ogle an already uncomfortable mother, avert your prissy eyes.

The author of this comment posts what she calls a “rant” under the comic:

So, I saw this article [warning, not safe for lunch] about an incident in Florida where some women are having a “nurse-in” to assert their rights to breast-feed in public (without cover-ups mind you!)
Now, I am a liberal and a feminist, but for cryin’ out loud, it’s just not fair to other people that you whip out your bluing, veiny flesh bags during lunch and expect everyone to just accept it as ok. I used to be a waitress and was told my job, indeed the restaurant, itself, would be in trouble if we asked politely that a woman nursing her child put a blanket over her shoulder.

Would it be such a chore for you to take that into the ladies’ room, or, gods-forbid, put something over the suckling infant and your boob? I know it’s all the rage these days to assert one’s maternity as some kind of new-age art form, but consideration of other people is not the same as self-oppression.
I think it’s rather absurd, and I don’t think anyone would hesitate to freak out if, in the middle of a nice restaurant, I pulled my shirt off and had my boyfriend start sucking on my tits.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for reading!b

God, how immature is this person?  I’m a feminist, but I’m going to refer to breasts that are used in their biological function as veiny flesh bags.  And then I, as someone who clearly does not have children, am going to suggest that you simply take your baby into a germ infested bathroom to feed her.  Nice.

The comments aren’t much better, save for the few who have some decency calling this person out on their ridiculousness.

Now, something I always think about when the breastfeeding “argument” comes up (it’s not really an argument), I have literally never seen a woman breast feed.  Anywhere.  Not a member of my family, not out in public, nowhere.  And I live in the Bay Area of California, capital of liberated mothers.  So where are all these anti-breastfeeding people spend their time?  Have you ever seen a breast feeding mom in public, and were there visibly hostile reactions to her?

UPDATE: The author of this comic commented on my original post on the subject at POS, I've copied them below and will update again if she chooses to respond further, I'm also including a comment just posted by the LOVELY Criss of Criss Writes.


Bree says:

I’m always amazed when “feminists” decide what other women have to think. In order to be “feminist” you have to agree with other “feminists” on every issue, otherwise you’re “anti-feminist”.

Yes, put us in boxes. A woman is not allowed to express her opinions at all in a comedic, light-hearted way.

It’s ok, I understand. You get to dictate what feminism is to me. I bow to your superior intellect.

Piecesofstring says:

“Comedic”? Give me a break, that srs bsnss rant at the end of your cartoon pretty much throws a wrench in that excuse. How am I being dictatorial in questioning someone who would police women’s bodies in public? Pretty anti-feminist to me.

Criss says:

Dude, I think we should start banning ugly people from restaurants. Because, seriously, who wants to see UGLY PEOPLE? We should force them to wear cover-ups when they’re out in public. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE!

Also, you know those women who wear revealing clothing, but shouldn’t? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. SPANDEX WAS NOT MADE FOR YOU. So, you know what? We should force women to COVER UP THEIR BODIES at all times. Like, everybody just wear giant mumus or robes or something.

And don’t get me started on TOES!!! Ew!!! Who wants to see your toes??? COVER THOSE THINGS UP!!! No sandals for you!

Uh… or, how about we all pretend we’re grown ups? If you don’t want to look at a baby breastfeeding, DON’T LOOK AT IT. Look at the bazillion and three OTHER things there are for you to look at in a restaurant.

If it truly bothers you that much, THEN LEAVE. Go elsewhere. Grow up.

“Feminism” and “women’s rights” are about ENDING the oppression of women, not contributing to it. Talking about “bluing, veiny flesh bags” = oppressing mothers trying to feed their children = the OPPOSITE of feminism. I don’t care how liberally you define it, oppressing women = NOT feminism.

Note: All emphasis mine.

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I used to work at a

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I used to work at a children's museum, so I've seen lots and lots of moms breastfeeding in public.  We had a couple of semi-private areas with comfy chairs for them, plus family bathrooms, so I don't remember ever having a problem.  If we saw a mom breastfeeding out in the middle of one of the exhibits or something, we would let her know about the 'breastfeeding zones', but that was more for her comfort than anyone else's. 


Thank you!

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As a breastfeeding mother I thank you for standing up for women like me.  With my first daughter, I was very self conscious and often covered up to nurse my baby in public.  I hid in the corner, uncomfortable with myself and the difficulty I was having with breastfeeding.  Eventually we found our groove and all was well.  With my second daughter, I knew better.  I knew I had nothing to be embarassed about or to feel shameful of.  Was I trying to "assert a sense of feminine superiority?"  Heck no.  Was I trying to feed and comfort my baby by nursing her on demand, no matter where we were?  Hell yes.  Did I give a flying fuck if I was offending anyone?  Nope.  What do people think breasts are for??  I find it absolutely ridiculous that some people get all up in arms when *gasp* they see 1.5 inches of a breast peeking out between a baby's head and a mother's shirt.  Heaven forbid breastfeeding mothers actually use their breasts for their intended purpose!  Really, don't people have anything better to get upset about?

I could go on and on.  This issue gets me fired up.  I cannot tell you how I wish we lived in a society that wouldn't blink twice when seeing a mother nurse her baby.  By breastfeeding babies in public, uncovered, and unfettered by shame, nursing mothers are sending the people of our nation a message that breastfeeding is normal, not a shameful act to be hidden away.  I sincerely hope that if my girls have children and choose to breastfeed they are met with nothing but acceptance.

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