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So the One Million Moms are at it again. This time instead of harassing Miley Cyrus, they are taking on the TV Land reality show The Cougar. For those of you who don't know (which is probably all of you since I haven't been able to find one person yet who has actually watched this show) the Cougar is a Bachelor/Bachelorette-type dating show in which an 40-year-old woman must choose among men in their 20s.

Apparently they find this show really really offensive and keep contacting its sponsors one-by-one until they pull their ads. Now there are plenty of reasons not to like this show. PLENTY. But the One Million Moms are against it for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion. And frankly, their complaints are just so damn hilarious that's it kind of hard to take them seriously at all.

This past episode was the worst yet, as far as morals go. They called it the "sin city episode" because Stacey, the 40 year old single mother of four, took the remaining three men whose ages range from 21-25 to Vegas for a date. Stacey said, "If the dates go well we have the option of spending the night together." There was a lot of alcohol and gambling in this episode.

Jimmy was Stacey's first date. She invited him to her room at the end of the night. It wasn't clear if they had s*x, but they showed him picking her up and laying her on a pool table and Stacey said, "At my age it feels pretty d**n good to have someone who is 23 throw me down on pool table."

The next date was with Travis, she took him to a spa. They had massages wearing only small towels. Then they showered together, with no towels. At the end of this date Stacey actually asked him to go to bed with her. He replied by doing a flip into the bed.

The last date was with Cole. Stacey used the Lord's name in vain twice during this date. At the end they took a bubble bath together, and then it was very clear they were having s*x.

Stacey sent Travis home and then stated that she was falling in love with more than one man.

If you agree that this content is inappropriate for television, especially during primetime and on the so-called family-oriented TV Land, please send your letter to Kmart and ask them to stop sponsoring "The Cougar" through advertising now.

Are you laughing as hard as I am right now? Since when is sex a bad word that needs to be censored? Or at least, I assume they mean sex... that little asterisk totally makes it hard to understand. What could they possibly be saying? Maybe she really hates saxophone music. Or maybe she's a Yankee fan and hates the Red Sox. Or maybe she just has something against vowels. I don't know. But seriously, what grown women writes to other grown women and types the word "s*x"? It's almost the equivalent of whispering or spelling the word, when there are no children around. Look... sex is a real word! It's in the dictionary. It has multiple meanings. Just because you are offended by the idea of people having it and heaven forbid enjoying it, doesn't mean that it's a naughty word and needs to be censored. Although... she might be on to something here. I think I'm going to start typing all the things that offend me like that: R*sh L*mb**gh... B*ll *'R**lly... Gl*nn B*ck. You know, it does make me feel better. (Athough nothing is as satisfying as just telling them to suck it).

Ridiculous typing aside, there's something much deeper about the OMM's complaints about this show that bugs me... a lot.

Now, to be fair, I'm not particularly a fan of this type of show to begin with. I think most versions of the "dating competition" show - like the Bachelor - are pretty creepy and demeaning. Except for Rock of Love of course, that's totally quality programming. (I also admit I used to watch Transamerican Love Story with my evil-slut-in-training, but I'm sure the OMM wouldn't approve of that show for a whole different set of reasons.)

There are plenty of legitimate issues that would give cause to not liking and/or approving of a show like this. But I think this particular show is getting so much flack from the OMM because of one significant difference: it shows an older woman dating younger men.

Now, I'm sure the OMM would still object to the show if the ages were equal or the genders reversed, but I doubt they'd be pushing this hard against it. In fact, it seems that people are very accepting of older men with younger women. If you go back and re-read the above complain and some of the earlier write-ups on their website, you'll notice that the age thing keeps coming up. Although they do complain about the sex and the language quite bit... I think the behavior on the show is all considered even more appropriate because she's a "40 year old single mother of four". This is not the way a grown woman with children should behave. Since she's already got kids, she shouldn't be concerned with finding love or having sex, because her reproductive days are almost up anyway. And how dare she date younger men!? Maybe the One Million Moms are just jealous because this 40 year old single mother of four is living the life they secretly wish they could? 

I don't really understand why this is an issue for the One Million Moms anyway. Their mission statement:
Our goal is to stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media (TV, music, movies, etc.) OneMillionMoms.com is the most powerful tool you have to stand against the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity the entertainment media is throwing at your children.

What does the Cougar have to do with the exploitation of children? Are the producers of the Cougar really throwing anything at your children? The show airs at 10pm on Wednesdays and has a rating of TV-PG (Parental Guidance Suggested). I might have thought it should have a TV-14 rating (Parents Strongly Cautioned) but that's primarily based on the write-up the OMM gave. I bet it's a hell of a lot less racy in real life. In fact, the episode I saw was pretty tame... to the point that I was bored. Either way, it's on at 10 pm! On a school night! In no way is it marketed to children nor would it even be remotely entertaining to children (hell, I could barely sit through a full episode). Here's an idea... if they're really so concerned about exposing their kids to something like this, be a parent and don't let them watch it! Why should TVLand be responsible for raising their fucking kids?

(Side note: Isn't it funny that they felt the need to explain what "entertainment media" is?)

I also have to wonder why they don't seem to be nearly as concerned with violence on TV. (Again, it's the good old sex-violence disconnect). Looking back at their past campaigns, a glaring pattern starts to emerge... it's almost all about the s*x. Not just older women having sex... but also teenagers having sex (they have an active campaign right now trying to get Hershey to stop sponsoring The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I could fill an entire other blog with my opinions on that campaign... who knows, maybe I will). Oh and of course, they hate anything gay too. It doesn't have to be about gay sex, just gayness in general... I guess because sex is all that gay people care about anyway, right?

The only one I can actually agree with, somewhat, is their protest of the "baby got back" Burger King commercial, although again we have totally different reasons for objecting to that ad. I really can't wait to see what kind of horrible offense the One Million Moms will uncover next. My bet is that it's about sex. Oh sorry, I mean s*x!

[Lilith is co-founder of Evilslutopia.com and hopes to be a cougar in the future.]
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Dear future 'cougar'

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I wish you luck in your endeavor.

As far as the OMM, before they get anything out of me, I'd like to see a head-count and find out exactly how many moms they really are.  (I'll bet the under on this one at 250)

Next, they have got pretty funky logic going on.  How can they have such a hard-on for s*x, especially given that they are (allegedly) Moms?  I seem to remember that becoming a Mom involves s*x.  That is a very hard position for me to understand as a reader and I am more than a little curious how they manage to utter it with a straight face.

Also, I wonder what the exact window is (in their minds) for a woman to enjoy or seek out s*x?  Clearly, it's before someplace after 18, but with this mob I'll bet that giving up that kind of restrictive judgment and control over other women's vaginas is not an easy thing to put down.  I'm sure that someplace in the early 20's is acceptable, let's say 22.  Now, when is too old?  Good bet that it's around 30 unless she's a career woman who is trying to conceive via fertility treatments, which are nothing like s*x.  So, the vagina window closes at 30.  How many penises are acceptable to the OMM set? some women will have s*x before marriage, so let's say 1.5 is the average they will accept.

Let's review: 1.5 penises from age 22-30, no TV images before or after.  No wonder there is a TV show called Desperate Housewives.


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