The One Million Moms Against A Modern Family

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Remember a few days ago when I said that it seems like the One Million Moms are just phoning it in with their action alerts lately? Well, I spoke too soon. This week, the Moms are targeting the new ABC comedy Modern Family, which premieres tonight. It doesn't seem like they actually bothered to watch the premiere before condemning the show, but thanks to an advanced screening offer from Television Without Pity, I was able to watch it earlier today so that I'd know just how wrong the Moms are this time.

Let's break down their barely-there action alert:

Let ABC know you will not be watching 'Modern Family' ABC's new comedy "Modern Family" series premiere is Wednesday, September 23rd at 9:00/8:00 central. ABC claims "Modern Family" will be their # 1 show, but most Christians would disagree.

It's nice of the One Million Moms to appoint themselves as the spokeswomen for "most Christians", and I also enjoy the implication that every TV show on the air has to have the Conservative Christian Stamp of Approval. But I don't quite understand how they're going to "disagree" with ABC's claim that Modern Family is going to be a #1 show. If ABC was saying this was their "best" new show, it would make more sense, but "#1 show" claims usually refer to popularity. (Although I'm sure ABC would also say that the show was great and hilarious and all that stuff.) How are the Moms able to magically "disagree" with the ratings for a show that hasn't premiered yet?

ABC has labeled this program as "One Big, Straight, Gay, Multi-cultural, Traditional, Funniest New Comedy of the fall." ABC wants you to laugh with ALL of America by watching what they call "America's funniest family." Parents are outraged! The three households, which they call one "unique" family include: • A homosexual couple. • These two men adopt a daughter from another country and cultural background. • A somewhat traditional couple with three children. • This husband/father is attracted to his sister-in-law. • She is from a different nationality which they poke fun of and recently married into this family to a man much older than her, and she already has a teenage son.

Wow, gay and multi-cultural? No wonder the Moms are outraged. Of course they have a problem with the fact that the gay couple adopted a baby, but apparently it's also a problem that the baby is "from another country and cultural background". It's also a problem that the father of one of the gay men is married to a younger woman who is also "from a different nationality". (Her "teenage son" is actually only 11, not that it really matters - his age is mentioned in the premiere that the Moms didn't bother to watch.) Yes, this white family has now been adulterated not just with homosexuality but also with not one but two different "cultural backgrounds". What a nightmare. I wish that this action alert had provided some more details as to why a "multi-cultural" family is so terribly offensive and outrageous, because without those details I'm forced to conclude that the One Million Moms are a bunch of ignorant bigots, and I just hate to do that.

The program is confusing to adults, and will be for the children in the show and those who may see it. ABC took every non-traditional issue and rolled it into this one family they call "modern."

Is it really so confusing? Lot of people have big, crazy, complicated families. Oh, wait, I get it - "confusing" is code for 'I'm afraid my kids might see this show and get the insane notion in their heads that there are lots of different types of families out there and that's actually okay'. Also, they act as if there's a value judgment attached to a word like "modern", which isn't necessarily the case. Whether the Moms like it or not, there are lots of "unique" families out there in the world today.

TAKE ACTION Let ABC know you and your family will not be watching the series premiere of "Modern Family" and any episodes following. Send ABC an email stating you are outraged by this new program and are highly offended by the homosexual content and the inappropriate age difference of spouses.

We knew that the Moms would object to the gay content in the show as they always do, and they even threw in some bonus racism to spice up this particular action alert. But yes, in case you missed it earlier, they are actually now even deciding for the rest of us what constitutes an "appropriate" age difference for married couples. Where would we all be without their guidance?

As I said, I watched the premiere of Modern Family, and I thought it was okay - not really my thing, but kinda cute and relatively harmless. There are lots of stereotypical TV characters and plots going on: there's the 'spicy Latina', who says stuff like "you live down here, but I live up here!" when her husband tells her she should try to be less "emotional"; the guy who thinks he's the "cool dad" but really isn't; the drama queen gay guy; the mom who used to be slutty and wants to make sure her daughters don't follow in her footsteps; and the grumpy father with an Archie Bunker streak who just (maybe, possibly) has a heart in there somewhere.

I could understand it if some people were bothered by the depictions of some of the characters on this show (although I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt for a few more episodes rather than judging too much on one half-hour episode), but as usual what offends me is the list of things that the One Million Moms have deemed "outrageous" or "inappropriate". The OMM's claim that the only normal families are the ones that are white, heterosexual, and Christian - and oh by the way, no inappropriate age differences or cultural backgrounds please! - is way more offensive than any goofy sitcom could ever be.


[It's official. Jezebel watches too much TV.]

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I'm going to start referring the OMM

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as the Six or Seven Moms, until I see some real numbers. I'll never see one million, I can assure you of that.

Thanks for going after these sanctimonious moral lapdogs.  It seems like their buffoonery is so simple-minded and manipulative as to be unbelievable by anyone.  However, there are plenty of gullible mopes out there, listening to their dreck and acting out on it. 

I don't need (an alleged) one million moms making up shit about TV to debase it and spread lies, fear and mis-information.  TV studio execs can do that with no help from anyone. 

The OMM's claim that the only normal families are the ones that are white, heterosexual, and Christian

That sums it up for me perfectly. 



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thanks for discussing this show--i had seen previews but hadn't watched it.  nonetheless, i anticipated some sort of condemnation of the show even before it aired. 

your takedown with this groups issues made my night!  i will now watch this show knowing that it offends straight white christian moms.

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