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I am always looking for information to post that will advance postitive and respectful conversations about sex, gender, body.  I have placed an email on the top of the website, below the search window.  If you have something that you would like people to know about, then send it along.

Here are some things I found to be interesting. 

The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit - This is happening right here in Chicago and will be attending and live-blogging.  If anyone wants to meet here and be interviewed by sgb, then please contact the site via the address at the top of the page.

The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit is dedicated to preserving and improving the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and social health and wellness of LGBTI people, who continue to experience significant health disparities because of our sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

The Bi Health Summit, scheduled for August 14, 2009, preludes the LGBTI Health Summit and will bring together professionals, advocates, activists, and allies of bisexual health concerns for updates on the field, movement-building, and strategizing about future directions and collaborations. The Bi Health Summit will be both a concentrated event and a broader presence within the LGBTI Health Summit. Please click here for more info on the Bi Health summit.

Feminisnt - Sometimes I run into people that I admire because they think things through for themselves.  Sometimes I meet folks that are every bit as salty as I am.  Every now and then, I am lucky enough to find someone that is both.  One of my favorite tweeps is @furrygirl and she's got her own blog now.


HHS to Award $1.79 Billion to Help People Living with HIV/AIDS - finally, some decent news from our own government:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today announced the release of $1.79 billion to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS continue to have access to life-saving health care and medications. The grants are funded through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, which helps more than 529,000 individuals every year obtain the care and services they need to live longer, healthier lives.


More than $1.16 billion will be sent to States and Territories under Part B of the Ryan White program, with $780 million of that total earmarked for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).  Another $41 million in ADAP funds was distributed through competitive supplemental grants. For a list of Part B awards, visit

A total of $590 million will pay for primary care and support services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS under Part A of the Ryan White program.  Part A awards are distributed to eligible metropolitan areas (EMAs) with the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS and to transitional grant areas (TGAs) experiencing increases in HIV/AIDS cases and emerging care needs.  The Part A awards do not include funds for the Minority AIDS Initiative; those funds will be awarded in August. For a list of Part A awards, visit:

South Korea’s Love Land Sex Park - in a South Korean park that is popular with newlyweds, statues were erected (yes, I said it) to help in the decision process for the next 3 hours.

Orgasm, Inc. - A new documentary film which covers the process, the industry and the race to market a female Viagra to women that won't kill them in the process (or at least only kill them a little).  Filmmaker Liz Canner has preparing to release what looks to be a well timed and needed look at the insanity of turning health into a disease.  There is a nice promo write-up here, in preparation for the 2009 Hot Docs Film Festival.  For anyone that read this far... a little youtube sneak-peek.

In the nifty-geek-shit dept., I found Blerp and Tynt.


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