People fuck - all the time

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Everyone on the planet is here because someone fucked someone else.  Everybody fucks at some point in their life.  We all think about fucking.  We all know what it is.  Human beings have been fucking for the last 200,000 years or so - since we took our current form.  That's a lot of fucking. 

(Point of clarity: I'm talking about consenting human adults fucking here.  NOT rape / child abuse / slavery.)

Fucking is why we are here.  You owe your life to fucking.

What is proven:

- biology.  evolution.  reproduction.

What is not proven:

- god.  that men who claim to run god's business on earth are actually working for god.  fucking is evil, bad or shameful.


We need fucking and fucking is natural.

The fuck-haters tell us how, when, who, why & where to fuck.  They all pitch the same mesasge, though:  men fuck women.  Men who like fuck a lot are rewarded.  Anything other than that is punished.  Women who fuck a lot or even like fucking are punished.  Women fucking men / men fucking men / women fucking women / women or men changing gender - all punished. Hell, even talking about fucking is punished.


Some people make a lot of money interfering with fucking. 

Organized religion is the most obvious.  Maybe it's because if we could fuck whenever we wanted without guilt or someone telling us that we are evil, then we probably wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about the afterlife.  Religions make a lot of money soliciting bribes from us in this life to pave the way for our alleged happiness in the next life.  Organized religion promises us prosperity after we're dead, if we fork over money in this life and let them tell us how / when / who to fuck.  yeah, right.

Well, I'm going to keep my money and fuck whenever I can.  Religion can go fuck itself, for all I care. 

Other people make a lot of money interfering with our fucking.  many business models are built on the need for cheap labor.  One way to keep a steady supply of cheap labor is to fill the poor's heads with religious gobbledy-gook instead of science, math & language skills and to keep them ignorantly fucking away without birth control.  In these business models, millions of people are basically raised like livestock under military and/or police containment.  Under religious and the banner of "morality", the poor are told not to fuck until they're married and told nothing accurate about STD's and birth control.  The effect is a population hobbled by skyrocketing birth rates, illiteracy, and child abuse.  oh yeah...and no abortions for the poor - that's supposed to be against god's will.

Another beneficiary of the uneducated fucking class is the military.  To the poor, putting on a uniform, getting shot at and killing someone else - seems like a good, paying job in a life that contains few of those.  People that make money by harvesting the poor do not lose sons & daughters nor themselves to war.

There are a lot of lies, misunderstanding and misinformation going on about fucking.  Here's the reality - if someone is telling you how to fuck, they're not doing it for your benefit.  They're doing it for theirs.  Which means that you're the one getting fucked in that exchange.

Here's a handy list of things to consider about fucking:

- Don't let anybody tell you not to fuck another consenting adult.  If all parties involved are consenting, then there is nothing wrong with it.  Tell those people to go fuck themselves.

- Legalize prostitution - everywhere, all the time.  Why is prostitution the oldest profession?  Because we all want to fuck and some of us have money to spare. 

I'm not talking about involuntary sex workers here, but the voluntary ones.  Slavery is still wrong and illegal because it is slavery - not because it involves sex.  Not all sex work is slavery and don't even pretend that it is.  In fact, when you hear someone enter a conversation about sex work and then conflate it with human trafficking, child abuse, drugs & crime - as if they are all one and the same; then tell that person to do real research and to think for themselves instead of parroting fuck-haters.

It is possible and sensible to support the rights of voluntary and involuntary sex workers at the same time.  It is also possible that neither topic has anything to do with your right to fuck whomever you choose, with consenting adults.

- Talk openly about fucking.  De-stigmatize the word and disempower the people who want to manage everybody else's fucking for their own profit.  Fuck, fornication, sex, orgasm, copulation...say these words everywhere, all the time.  Let's take the word out of shame and censorship and treat it like the fact of nature that it is. 

- Elect people who support your right to fuck whomever you choose.  Take the laws of the land back from the influence of those that profit by controlling everybody else's fucking - legally.  Call your candidates for every public office - mayor, alderman, state & federal representatives and judges.  Demand that your freedom to fuck be upheld.  The fuck-haters are working around the clock to control your fucking.  There are more of us than there are of them.   

- arvan

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"Women who fuck a lot or

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"Women who fuck a lot or even like fucking are punished."

Really?  We've never heard of that.





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 Fuck is one of my favorite words. as is sex.  I am such a pussy..I only type f*ck. See, the MAN was influencing me too.

And when I was a prostitute if I had an orgasm, which did happen on occasion..well that is a bonus isn'tt it? Another kind of tip. AND surprisingly a lot of scum bags pick up chicks and pay them for sex...BUT a good majority also try to get the off as well. Even theory it is supposed to be all about them.

But now I only fuck who I want.

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