Perversion for Profit (1965)

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(h/t Gloria Brame)

You can't make this crap up...

"This moral decay weakens our resistance to the onslaught of the communist masters of deceit."—George Putnam, narrator.

This film, Perversion for Profit was made in 1965 as a sexist, misogynist, moralistic, religious intolerant diatribe blaming and shaming sex, porn and people of "loose morals". 

This is the same kind of crap that we hear today from the same corners of society, the world over.  Interestingly, it was financed by Charles Keating - yes that Charles Keating.  It's neither amazing nor ironic that individuals guilty of massive fraud have no problem with the morality of bankrupting a nation to line their pockets - but at the same time are up in arms that people want to fuck each other and enjoy themselves in the process. 

If I need morality advice, the very last person I'll look to is some wealthy cracker talking about Jesus while supporting the death penalty, runaway military spending, unregulated banking and the bribery of public officials. 

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My wife and I saw that on

My wife and I saw that on "Something Weird" one night via OnDemand.  It's a complete hoot.   It's always the moral crusader fools like that who get caught hiking the Appalachian trail, or using their wide stance in the mens' room.   

I just love / hate these jackasses

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They really want us to be dumb as a box of rocks - for their benefit.

It is comical, when it is not utterly depressing and insulting.  Thanks for reading the site!


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