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Polyamory’s most important court case since 1999 opens in four days, and this time our side is prepared.... Meanwhile, documentaries on polyfamilies in Quebec and Denmark show that TV can do it right if the producers are so inclined. In the U.S., “Sister Wives” sets the new public image for group families, and that’s not so bad. Writers from Dan Savage to a friendly Episcopal priest weigh in on poly life.


If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News (http://polyinthemedia.blogspot.com) in the last couple months, here is some of what you missed:


● Get ready for the Canadian polygamy test case. The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) is intervening to try to decriminalize poly*amorous* commitments -- which, like polygamy, are supposed to get you five years in Canadian prison (on paper). The trial starts Monday November 22; the CPAA is readying a press conference, media availabilities, fundraising parties, handouts, and expert witnesses. This could turn into a show:



● Perhaps by no coincidence, some great television profiled three poly families in Quebec. This 26-minute documentary shows how mainstream TV can portray poly accurately if it wishes. Even if you don’t know French, the visuals tell the story:



● “A topic too risque for the congregation?” An Episcopal priest and religion writer gives us quite a bit of favorable mention:



● “The Great Polyamory vs. Polyfuckery debate” stirs up near-record comments:



● Dan Savage’s inimitable advice on coming out as poly to insane parents:



● TLC’s “Sister Wives” sets the new image of multipartner households for the public. Not bad, considering. At least the Brown family creates a cultural reference point from which you can say, “We’re kinda like that, but different.”



● More news regarding *Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality*, which I continue to say is the most important book for the poly movement in years:



● And more on mono, poly, and the anthropology of jealousy:



● The long perspective from Oberon Zell, one of poly’s founding figures starting in 1962:



● Plus poly in the news in Denmark, Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Africa.




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I've done 453 of these reports in the last five years, covering roughly 1,000 items in news media of all kinds. Archived entries are sorted by topic, date, and sometimes location and language. I hope you have as much fun browsing them as I do creating them!


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