"Produce babies but don't expect to get covered because pregnancy is a "choice""

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-Republican on the House floor.

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Excuse my language, I'm heated.

Allow me to explain.

The right wing of the political arena are hell bent on killing insurance reform. So are some left wingers, but for the most part, the Republican party is going hard on the "oppose Obama and collect dollars by the millions from lobbyists" tip.

While the Baucus bill is up for amendments and debate (the bill truly is a piece of shit, but that's for another blog post) several right wingers are pushing this asinine notion that maternity care isn't necessary and shouldn't be mandated.


Because Pregnancy is an elective condition.

Get the fuck out of here, it is?! You mean, I have a choice in this whole conception matter? Cool! Wait, no, it's only not necessary because men don't get pregnant? Oh. Only 14 states mandate maternity coverage therefore the new bill for reform should not cover maternity care? But I thought pregnancy is a choice, you just said... Oh I see, because it IS a choice we should be able to avoid pregnancy or pay more to get that maternity coverage benefit.

How the FUCK are we supposed to do that?!?!?!?!

Planned Parenthood gets less funding, you don't support contraception, abortion, my right to remove my uterus, my right to get married to whomever I please, my right to not get married if I so chose, and you debate about my body on national television on the fucking daily. All in the name of some bullshit social wedge to get more moronic voters to check your name on a ballot. Truthfully, you couldn't care less if we take the Pill or have the Big A... all that matters is your wallet, and whether it's lined with evangelical dollars. You get up there and you push for no coverage for women that actually WANT to have children. For women who get raped and find themselves pregnant but cant get an abortion because your bullshit ideologies sent the only women's health facility nearby offering such services into bankruptcy. For a woman who couldn't get birth control or someone that simply isn't ready for a child ..

The reality is, we don't have a choice, according to you sir a women's lot in life is to bear men children and you'll be damned if we even get support in that. Stop pretending this is about the life of some fetus or the protection of the heteronormative family; it's all about you sir and you'll see women suffer.

Fuck You.

- Sophia

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