Red Umbrella Diaries Blog Carnival - Call for Participants!

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Greetings, Red Umbrella Diaries fans!

I wanted to let you know that the new call for participants for the Red Umbrella Diaries Blog Carnival is open!

For the next event, which takes place on September 2, the theme is Demand Side.

Here’s a little something to get you started thinking:

Sex workers get all the attention for their exciting, messed up, complicated lives, and everyone wants to know: what made you do this? But what about the patrons, without whom there would be no business?

I’m looking for pieces of writing by sex industry clients, stories from sex workers about their clients, and analytical pieces that turn the lens on the demand side of the business.

Send me a piece that is up to 700 words long, and I’ll pick my favorite to read at the event – and of course then I’ll put the recording in the new Red Umbrella Diaries audio podcast.  Your piece can be previously published on your own blog or elsewhere, or you can conceal your identity and email me a piece that you can’t put your name on.  The themes can be interpreted all kinds of different ways, I love to see creativity.

Send your links or text to by August 15th.

I would love it if you would consider forwarding this out to others that might be interested, post it on your blogs, tweet or facebook the information, or otherwise send it out into the world!  The participation grows each month, and I'm very excited about the submissions that we're receiving.  And as a reminder - the writing can be from blog entries that are years old, or short essays or stories written months ago; it doesn't need to be written specifically for the blog carnival, as long as it fits the theme.

The direct link to the website is:

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