Rhythm is a lady! Introducing Famba

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Every now and then, something wonderful and beautiful happens.  The diversity of life is not a concept, but a brilliant expression of creation and joy.  I got followed on twitter about 30 minutes ago by @FambaGent.  I looked them up and found a Belgian, Lesbian, Feminist Samba band. 

Hell to the yeah!

Here is their bio from their web page (translated):

Famba currently consists of 25 committed and loving women who enjoy making music together. Famba has members of all ages and types from Ghent, Mechelen, Roeselare, Lier, ....

The group was created because some friends found that lesbians weren't visible enough at demonstrations and events. At the start, the group comprised seven women. Our enthusiasm was contagious: women came and went and now we have a 20+. We are all lesbian or bisexual and in one way or another socially conscious.

Percussion-training academies we don't have. But practice makes perfect and our two weekly rehearsals disciplined under expert supervision bore fruit soon. If you invite Famba, you can expect beautiful and compelling rhythms and great ambiance.

Who we are:

As some feminist lesbians from Ghent felt they lack visibility / voice in some demonstrations and events (peace demonstrations, otherwise globalization demonstrations, gay events, ...) was in the spring of 2003 an action group set up samba.

Famba is a lesbian-feminist action samba group consisting of lesbian and bisexual women.

Famba will actively work on the visibility and positive perceptions of lesbian and bisexual women. We are open to the diversity within this group of women and seek, through our visibility, to create space in society for such diversity.

Famba contributes feminist ideas and wants be an emancipatory force. Famba wants to seek existing prejudices and break traditional roles and not just in society but also within the gay movement.

From their position as minority Famba calls for solidarity among the various minority groups. We wish as a group strongly supported by this solidarity, as committed group - to be visible on the streets.

Famba critically addresses processes in society. Themes such as freedom of speech, freedom of sexual experience, racism, extreme right, ... are some examples. We fight wrongs with great sense of rhythm.

The choices for actions, demonstrations and events which we act, are selected by the group in a democratic fashion. This means that we do not accept or create hierarchical structures, with its view that every individual counts and can participate in every decision. You can also decide as individuals to certain events not to participate, but it is possible to seek a whole group present.

You can also find Famba on facebook.

I love life.  I really do.


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