Sarah Palin. Boo Hoo. Cry Me a River.

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Sarah Palin. Boo Hoo. Cry Me a River.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by M. Dickinson

image: Sarah Palin. Boo Hoo. Cry Me a River.
Crybaby Palin

Months after having her extremist ideas rejected by the American people and being universally blamed as a cause of Presidential Candidate John McCain’s defeat, Sarah Palin is back. Palin’s latest stunt to grab the news cameras and seek attention involves moral outrage and a urged boycott directed at comedian David Letterman for poking fun at her “ghetto-fabulous” family. This stems from a joke Letterman made on his show involving pregnancy, Palin’s daughters, and Alex Rodriguez.

In America, we have freedom of speech. It guarantees us the right to speak our minds. This means that we can publicly say the meanest, nastiest joke about someone and laugh about it. We can make fun of the leaders of the world and turn revered religious figures into the object of our contempt. Not only is it ok to say it, but it is ok to laugh about it. We don’t question or monitor the content of our speech. Taste is a non-factor.

Some will say that Palin’s kids should be off limits to jokes, because it’s not in good taste and they are in fact kids. Well here’s a news flash. The second one decides to run for public office (or become a celebrity in general), any privacy you or your family, have or want in the future is destroyed. We live in the age of TMZ, MySpace, and Facebook. Want to run for public office one day? Better think twice about posting that photo album of you with a bunch of drunken co-eds, unless you are ready to embrace it. Want to lead America’s next “Republican Revolution” for family values? Better not wind up with a knocked up, unwed teenage daughter!

This is not to say there is anything wrong with being pregnant before marriage. Sexuality is not something to be ashamed of, it should be embraced. However, it is hypocritical when one gets on television, stomps their feet in front of the American Flag, and makes themselves out to be the know it all saint of American family values, demonizing others in the process, while their daughter is out humping around and getting knocked up.

Conservative America has long had a history of not being able to take a deserving joke. While they cherish free speech and hide behind it when it gives them the right to rip someone to shreds, the moment it’s turned on them, they cry “not fair”. They are still talking about John Kerry and the swift boat, Obama and Bill Ayers, and laughing about Bill Clinton’s pal Monica Lewinsky. Yet, make a joke or bring up Palin’s family, Bill O’Reillys sexual harassment case, or Rush Limbaugh’s dope addiction, and they cry off limits.

In America we don’t, and shouldn’t recognize taste when it comes to jokes or speech. This gives us, in the words of rap group (and fellow free speech fighters) 2 Live Crew, the right to be as nasty as we want to be. was founded by Mike Dickinson. If you want to be involved, offer ideas, or exercise your right to free speech and tell him you hate his ideas please email him at

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