As School Starts, A Reminder About Violence Against Women and Girls

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9/7/2010 9:04 Update: Rape on Campus Vastly Underreported - HuffingtonPost

From HuffingtonPost: Back to School, Back to Rape.

An informative read about the prevalence of violence against women and young girls.

Quick hits from the article:

1 in 4 college women are a victim of rape.

One in three teens report dating violence.

Women aged 16-24 are more susceptible to violence than at any other age.

Over half of those polled blamed Rihanna for being attacked by Chris Brown.

Author's Suggestions on what parents can do:

1. Have a conversation with your sons and daughters.

2. Get teen dating violence in your school's curriculum.

3. Write a letter to the administration at your child's college.

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