Sex Journalism: Call for "Johns"

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As a sex-positive, sex-journalist, I am working on a project about the clientel of sex workers. I am currently looking to interview men, women and people of all genders who have experience visiting sex-workers. I am pro-sex work, which will show through. I will of course, protect identities. Interviews over phone and e-mail are fine.

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Here are the details about the project. Please, please, feel free to pass this along.

About the Article: Stories about sex-work seems to always focus on the sex worker. Even in sex-positive circles, talking about "john's" can elicit a collective cringe. Is it because we don't get the sex worker clientele's side of the story-- how they think and feel, how sex workers help them?
This is the story I want to tell through in depth interviews with some clientele of sex workers.." I would like to represent as varied an experience as possible. This is going to be a very in depth article or series of articles which will run on

About the Writer: "As a sex-positive, sex-journalist I work to shatter fears, stereotypes and defenses around sex (kinks included.) I find the veritable rainbow of consensual sex among adults valuable, and think there is a lot we can all learn from exploring that spectrum. As a sex-positive person my tone is never judgmental or snarky. My goal is for the readers to become more accepting of sexuality and to get curious about the world around them. I'll be covering things outside the norm but the idea isn't to present a novel sex act in order to entertain or shock. The idea is to challenge the way we think about sex, intimacy and relationships. To incite thought on the topic of sex."


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For the vast majority of us,

For the vast majority of us, they're "clients" or "tricks", not "Johns." I don't think I've ever heard a sex worker refer to their clients as "Johns."


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