Sex Kills on ABC Family

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The One Million Moms are at it again. They really don't like the new season of the Secret Life of the American Teenager. They disliked it so much that they're asking Kellogg to pull their ads from the show. (Apparently Hershey already stopped sponsoring it).
First of all, let's take a moment to laugh out loud at the fact that are still typing the word "sex" as s*x. Hilarious! Anyway... on to the show.
I was sort of on the fence the first time we looked at this show, but I've now decided that it is a complete piece of garbage. I agree with the OMM that the show sucks, but again we really disagree on the WHY.
Honestly, I'm surprised that they don't love the show. Just look at the ridiculous messages it sends about sex. According to ABC Family sex only causes problems.
Amy has sex for the first time... and she gets pregnant. Her mother has sex with her new boyfriend for the first time... and she gets pregnant too! What are the odds!? Now I know that it's important to teach kids that you can get pregnant the first time (because God knows too many teenagers think you can't) but come on! Of course, Amy is pissed at her mom for getting pregnant, because she's a big stupid hypocrite.
Also, apparently sex kills. And I don't mean that sex can transmit HIV or other STDs that can kill you... I mean sex can kill other people too. "Good girl" Grace has sex for the first time and her dad dies in a plane crash. Yes, sex can kill people who aren't even there!
No one on that damn show can have sex without being instantly punished. Amy has sex with Ricky: She gets pregnant! (Not that pregnancy is a punishment per se, but on this show they certainly portray it as such). Amy's mom has sex with her new boyfriend: She gets pregnant! Amy's dad has sex with Adrian's mom: Divorce! Alice and Henry have sex: They break up! Grace has sex with Jack: Her dad dies!
Wow... this is supposed to be a "brutally realistic" portrayal of sex? This show can suck it.
Lilith is co-founder of and never killed anyone by having sex... yet.
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