Sex Worker Rights - A Public Service Announcement from FIRST

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Celebrating the strength and diversity of sex workers.  A Public Service Announcement from FIRST

Sex workers face extreme levels of stigma and social exclusion, often fearful of the social consequences of speaking openly about their work.  When they do, they risk being stereotyped, with few people looking beyond the label of "sex worker" to see the unique lives each person leads.  This video is an attempt by this experiential community to highlight the strength and diversity of those who are currently or have been engaged in sex work.  We would like to thank those who participated in this video, as well as acknowledge that there were a far greater number of people who could not due to the social consequences they could face in their relationships, careers, and day to day lives.  For more info check out the FIRST Advocates Website at  This video was created by Rachel Malek for the FIRST Coalition.  Inspired by the I Am a Sex Worker video produced by the Sex Work Awareness Project.

FIRST is a coalition of feminists advocating for rights and equality for sex workers, and the decriminalization of the consensual adult sex trade.  For more information visit

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Hey I just wanted to say thanks for reposting this, I'm glad people are having a chance to see this video!

As I mentioned briefly in the video's description, there were a lot of people who couldn't be in the video, including male and trans sex workers, and clients of sex workers. I hope one day we will be able to truly showcase this strength and diversity, without being limited by the stigma faced by those involved in the industry. 

This only comes through people talking about it, and becoming more aware and comfortable with the diverse approaches people take to sexuality. For those who find that they are uncomfortable with it, a conversation around the consequences their judgements have on vulnerable communities must be had. 

Blogs like this play such a huge role in heightening the level of discussion, debate, and awareness around these vital issues, so thanks for keeping it alive!


You are so very welcome!

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Sex workers' rights are human rights. 

I believe that, with no exceptions.  I support the rights of voluntary and involuntary sex workers both equally. 

I invite you to post here when you have new videos or posts or announcements.  Joining this site is free and you can cross-post any & all content from your existing sites - or you can write new content, or simply comment. 

I hope to see more from FIRST and yourself in the months to come.


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