(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored

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(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored celebrates people with disabilities as sexual beings.

This new 15-minute student film features participants of the discussion panel sponsored by University of California Berkeley's Disabled Students Union called "Are Cripples Screwed?" The film also features other Bay area community members and comedian Josh Blue (winner of Last Comic Standing) as they share their personal experiences with sex, dating and intimacy.

(Sex)abled reveals that while not everyone will choose to be sexually active, everyBODY is capable of being sexual.



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Discussion Questions:

In the film, Melissa says "sex is anything that gives me sexual pleasure, that I can get off on."

What are some things that you consider sexy that fall outside of the assumption of "traditional" intercourse?

During a panel discussion in the film Ben says that sexuality is "a constant among humans it doesn't matter your station in life...everyone has sexual frustrations that are similar enough."

Do you consider yourself a sexual person? What are some of your sexual frustrations? What resources would you like to see available to help with these frustrating situations?

In the film, Jackson says that he uses his humor to break down stereotypes of disability and "until [he] sees Stephen Hawking on the cover of a trashy romance novel, [he's] forced to make beautifully crafted dick jokes."

Can humor be used to discuss disability and sexuality effectively? If it does, how can humor allow the discussion of sex and disability to be much more openly talked about? In what other ways can we bring up the topic of sex and disability?

 If you would like a DVD copy of this film, or you have any questions or comments to share with the filmmakers, please contact Amanda Hoffman at Ama.Hoff@gmail.com. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. Also, visit producing awarenses.com to learn about other fascinating disability and sexuality focused films in production.



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