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A few years ago, I met Cathy & Peter at an adult content trade show.  Cathy handed me her business card, which stated:

"Horniest housewife on the Internet" 

Being a smartass that I am, I immediately remarked that this is a very bold claim and wondered what certification they had to prove this.  We ended up chatting throughout the evening and again over the rest of that show.  We started talking about their production company and websites.  Cathy & Peter are married and produce & distribute adult content on their own websites.  Cathy is the talent and Peter is the principal camera.  They raise kids, shoot porn, travel the world and (apparently) hang out at trade shows talking to salespeople like me. 

From the minute I met them, I really was struck with how normal they are.  Cathy has a reputation for being a menace behind the wheel of a car, Peter is fucking funny and they're just two people who found a way to mix career, marriage, fun & sex together.  What could be better than that?  I sure as hell can't think of anything. 

As anyone who works with or around the adult content industry knows, there is a difference between the person and the persona.  The person pays bills, falls in love, buys a house, drives to work, takes a vacation and plans for retirement.  The persona is either who they project themselves to be as part of theater of sex and fantasy; or who their critics make them out to be as they make money by extoling the evils of sex.  For some time, I have wanted to interview people in the adult content / sex work business and let them speak for themselves in the language they choose to describe their own lives.  Cathy & Peter were the first people I wanted to speak with. 

SGB. What terms do you use to identify yourself as individuals and as a couple?

C&P. Not sure if we understand exactly want you mean by this question. We see ourselves as a happily married couple with an open relationship. Open in the sense that we include other people in our sex lives. Unlike some other people living in a similar relationship, however, we are always together whenever another person is involved.

SGB. You have a fascinating story.  Can you both share a bit with our readers as to how you transitioned into the business you do now and what your job is like?

C&P. We never set out to start up a website and then to take it on as a fulltime business. Back in 1998 Peter posted some pictures of Cathy online and we received a huge amount of interest from people wanting to see more.  He then posted a story about our experiences, and more pictures, on the website Dark Cavern. The responses we received from those was even larger so we decided, for fun, to put up a small website. Well, from the first day it received huge interest and from there one thing lead to another.

SGB. Did you have any expectations or impressions of the adult content industry before you started in it that have turned out to be different?

C&P. We didn't really go into this with any real expectations. It started out purely as something to have a bit of fun with and it took off to the extend that we were faced with the decision; would we like to do this in a bigger way and perhaps make a living from it.

SGB. What's the best part of your job?  What's your least favorite?

C&P. There are a lot of 'best parts' .. being your own boss, working hours that suit, travel, meeting some awesome people and of course the sex. The least favorite would be needing to stay focused and motivated to keep everything running .. in many ways it is a 24/7/365 business .. if a problem arises you need to be available to get it fixed.

SGB. Owning your own business and being an entertainer can both demand a lot of attention.  Is it difficult to turn off the stage persona or carve time away from booking, promoting, producing and all the back-office tasks?  How do you manage it?

C&P. No, it's not hard at all. We set aside times during the year to get out on the road and do that side of the business and then when that's over we go back home and just keep things running. When we're home we're really not all that different to other couples .. we just have a very 'unusual' way of making a living.

SGB. What is your biggest headache in the adult content biz?  What's your favorite perk?

C&P. Don't know if we really have a headache .. perhaps the 24/7/365 nature of the business, if we had to choose something. As for the perks, they are pretty much summed up in our answer to question 4.

SGB. Looking at your business today and your career so far, what are you most proud of?

C&P. That we have a good name. We treat everyone .. surfers, fans and site members included .. exactly how we would like to be treated. There's no reason to be an asshole in life unless that's the way you want to be.  We've done well by sticking to our values and wouldn't have it any other way.

SGB.  On this site, we talk about a lot of alternative and open relationships, many include multiple partners like swinging and polyamory.  Many of these folks are not at liberty to be open about these relationships in their family and/or work environments.  You two are one of the most open couples I know of - I mean, you advertise and earn revenue off of it.  Some people that need to keep their kinks or sex or loves a secret might wonder what it is like to be completely open about it.  So, what's it like?

C&P. We have the freedom to be ourselves. When you meet us there is nothing false. How we are when we are out meeting fans and members is how we are in our private lives. Of course we are focused on what we're doing and usually we have a lot going on but we are not different people to who we really are. We meet a lot of people who have to hide their true selves behind various guises because of the expectations of family, friends, society, and you can see that it creates a negative influence on them.  That's not something we want in our lives.

SGB. Tell me about your fans.  How often do you communicate with them?  How often do you film with them?  Have you ever run into a fan, out of the blue, in a restaurant or something?

C&P. Our fans come from all sections of the community. They're old, middle-aged and young, male and female, highly skilled professionals and your average worker. We can't think of an area of life that we don't have fans and members from. We communicate with fans and members constantly.  Every day we receive emails from them. We set aside times during the year when we film with fans and members and before those times we make available information about it. Running into fans and members is something we're used to now. It happens a lot and in all sorts of places. From supermarkets, to airports, to the mall and just about anywhere.

SGB. Are you a feminist?

C&P. No, we're for equality.

SGB.  What advice do you have for someone considering working in adult content as a performer and in production?

C&P. Check out everything before you do anything and talk to people in the same area that you're interested in. A lot of people think there is a lot of money in doing adult and although that was certainly true back in the early days of adult on the internet it is a very different situation nowadays.  Don't do it just for the money, unless it is your only option.  We've seen a lot of people do it only for the money and in the end I doubt there'd be many of them who could tell you it was worth it.

SGB. What's the funniest thing that happened on a film shoot?

C&P. Oh .. there have been so many funny things we don't know where to start. Some have not been funny at the time but later were seen to be hilarious.

SGB.  If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?

C&P. We don't know. Ww would need to have a good think about that if the opportunity arose.


If you would like to visit their websites and see Cathy or contact her, please visit their websites.

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