Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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One thing I like about the internet, the blogosphere and this new world of technology - is how we make each other strong by adding our own voices to the common discourse.

I have used and loved Shameless Self-Promotion Sundays at several sites and am deeply grateful to them.  I am especially thankful to Feministe! for their version as not only a place for me to offer up my work, but to discover so many wonderful voices.  I have also used and read the Diary Rescue over at MyDD & DailyKos to the same end.

So, with no further ado, I leave the floor to you.  Let's hear about something you published online this week, that you would like us all to see.


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Oooh pick me! I wrote what I

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Oooh pick me! I wrote what I hope is the definitive post explaining exactly why the BDSM community does not enable abuse.

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