Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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Tell us about something you did this week.  Please include a link.  Don't be shy - you know that we want to know all about it.


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I'm Dale Lazarov, writer/editor of chic hardcovers of gay comics filth published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag:

STICKY (buy at Amazon or BookDepository, drawn by Steve MacIsaac),

MANLY (buy at Amazon or BookDepository, drawn by Amy Colburn),

and, my latest, NIGHTLIFE (buy at Amazon or BookDepository, drawn by Bastian Jonsson),

collections of gay erotic comics that Gay Vox, among others, have called "the best gay erotica comics ever".  :)

Foreskin restoration community is growing!

I run a Foreskin restoration community that was featured on Reddit WTF this past week. Thousands of men visited the site and learned about undoing their circumcision. To restore a foreskin, all a man has to do is tug his skin. It may take a year or two, but it is not difficult.

I manual tug to restore. Others use t-tape and still others use a device like the TLC Tugger or DTR.  A little bit of time every day for a lot of benefits. Not only have I gotten a more sensitive penis, I have the gliding action. I did not know about the gliding action before I started restoring.

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