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Tell us about something you wrote this week.  Please include a link.  Don't be shy - you know that we want to know all about it.


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Exotic Taboo and the San Fran Plan


My post on being the Exotic Taboo – invisible in the queer/sex-positive world because my race/culture/colour gets in the way – just got posted on Racialicious.

I’ve been accepted for a 3-month residency in San Francisco in mid 2011 to work on performance projects & internships that have much to do with what I bring up in the Racialicious article: looking at gender, sexuality, love, and relationships as a female queer migrant minority. I’m currently fundraising and seeking support to make it there – so come and check me out :D  

I'll take mine INTACT, please!

A guest blogger wrote I'll take mine INTACT, please!. The guest blogger is a young woman who writes how she finds more sexual satisfaction with guys who have a foreskin. She finds that guys who are circumcised are less satisfying for her.

When having sex with intact guys, she does not need extra lube, the sex seems less rough compared to circumcised guys, and she has better orgasms when there is a foreskin.

I am restoring my foreskin and my partner has noticed a big difference as I regain my foreskin. We don't need lube, and she no longer gets sore from sex. It is a win-win for both of us.

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