Should gays and lesbians be able to marry?!?!

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Warning: This may be a soap box kind of diary entry... it's a diary entry afterall, I can say what I want :P

So WTF??? Hell yeah gays and lesbians should be able to marry, and any other sexuality you care to think of!! Why are there one set of rules for some people and different ones for others? I mean last time I checked we were all humans, aren't we? So who decided it was ok to treat some of our fellow humans like sub-humans/aliens/animals and dictate to them what relationships they can commit to.... I warned you this was a soap box moment.

To be blatanly honest, I think it's friggin ridiculous that there are different laws stating who can and can't get married. If the 2 people entering the marriage/partnership are consenting adults, in love and are willing to make that completely personal commitment to each other, what right has anyone got to say they can't? What entity should have the right to govern love? None!

Now I know there are some religions that don't recognise any relationship other than a female and male relationship and I have something to say about that! I grew up with catholic parents and went to catholic schools and learned the 10 commandments blah blah blah... and I have to admit to having a real issue with it once I got to my teens; for a God that is supposed to be all loving and forgiving, how can he/she possibly be judgmental? I think somewhere along the line someone fucked up their interpretation of what they read in the bible or something... And then it got taught, and passed down over the years.

I think what bugs me most is that people will defend the views of what they were taught rather than assess them and make their own decision based on logic, reason and what's relevant now. Not everything we were taught is gospel, the people we grew up learning from are also human and have the potential to make mistakes. We were given brains for a reason, why don't people use them?

What would it take to get people to accept others as they are, regardless of sexuality, race, colour etc? To allow people to make choices for themselves without judgment? I don't think it's a hard thing really, although I'm told what I'm asking for is damn near impossible... I personally think that it shouldn't matter what sexuality a person is, they have just as much right to marry the love of their life regardless of what sex or sexuality they are. Life is complicated enough, somehow allowing people the freedom to choose seems so much simpler!

*steps down off her soap box*

...And that's just what I think :o)

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right on, soul sista!

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I'm wit U!!

-arvan (gratefully recovering Catholic)

Come on in, the water's fine

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I'm writing from Canada, where we've had same-sex marriage by federal law for years now. There have been no rains of fire, dogs and cats rutting in the streets, gang rape riots or any other signs of divine wrath or social anarchy*. Really, it is no big deal. Nobody cares anymore, beyond a few hardcore religious conservatives in the prairies.

As barbara findley QC put it to me, same sex marriage is simply another step in the ongoing liberalization of marriage, removing barriers of race, religion, caste, class and other social distinctions. People squawked about the end of miscegenation laws too, and predicted equally dire consequences.


* Unless you count Nickelback on the radio 80 times a day.

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