Silvio FTL (... again)

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His public life has become more dramatic than a soap opera. I have written about him before. About his wife, her public displays of disdain and their highly public disputes. I have written of the irony in their relationship and how he represents his country-people.

Everytime I read of Silvio Berlusconi I am utterly disgusted.

As a man in power, he represents every negative stereotype people such as myself fight diligently against, He only hires women, unqualified at that, if they are beautiful. He invites young women, his own daughter's age, to his home to entertain him and his friends. Women are bought and sold in his own home, parties he hosts. In a shameless display of hubris, and with supreme hypocrisy, he runs an extremely conservative agenda. He is BFF's with the Vatican(way to go Pope). In every way, he reveals himself to be a misogynistic pig, with seemingly no conscience. A sociopath.

The Prime Minister of Italy.

The prime minister was in an apparently upbeat mood today, telling the press conference that he enjoyed "the admiration of 68% per cent of Italians" – though he did not cite a source. The previous evening he again joked about his reputation at a meeting of young members of his party. When a female follower got up to ask a question, he interrupted her, saying: "I'm letting off the boys, but the girls are having to give their phone numbers."

In September, for the sake of all Italians, may the opposition win at last.


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