The Sterilization of Sex

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78081013.B4IkHBfG.IMG_5575The removal of all pubic hair has become quite popular, over the last couple years, and this trend has certainly been influenced by the wide spread commercialization of porn. Of course this is only conjecture, but I can see how the removal of pubic hair in porn might have made it easier to see the infinite details of the female anatomy, but it also had the consequence of removing some of it's mystery, and warmth, and has certainly contributed to the sterilization of sex. 

The sterilization of sex, has indeed been a major trend in cinematic and photographic pornography. Think of all the plastified body parts, the bleached assholes and the removal of all "indecent" hair. The only animalistic remains are to be found in bodily secretions: ejaculate (male and female) and saliva. I don't even think you see porn stars sweat anymore. Isn't the image of a woman, who is deeply aroused and in the middle of some great sex, brushing a few strands of sweaty hair out of her face kind of erotic? I think it is. 

It seems to me, and I might be wrong here, that after the 70's and most certainly after AIDS made its debut, porn and it's lovely stars began to edge towards the artificial with all it's fake nails, fake hair, fake tits and fake pretty much everything else. The lighting became harsh, and sometimes reminiscent of an operating table. Everything had to be clean, clean, clean. I can practically see the bleach stains all over the sets. That might be one of the reasons why amateur porn is becoming more and more popular, it has brought back some of the dirtiness, and I say dirtiness with a wink and a smile, because there's no such thing as dirty sex between two consenting adults, it's just fun to think of it that way. 

When did sex stop being so messy? 

You know it, I know it, sex is supposed to be messy, hot and sticky. Making out with someone who has five o'clock shadow will scratch the hell out of your skin. A variety of fluids will stick to different places. Cum will flow, and drip and stain your sheets. You might bruise your body without even realizing it, you will sweat and pant and perhaps get your hair pulled (accidentally or not). You might ruin your favorite shirt or your underwear might get ripped. Your mascara might run and there's no such thing as lipstick that won't smear all over your face. Your body might make some weird sounds and depending on the activity or the time of the month, you might find yourself having to deal with some blood and maybe even a little bit of shit. Let's face it, these things happen and we're all the better for it. 

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I agree

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I totally agree. I've become less and less satisfied with the mainstream porn as it has just gotten more and more plastic. I find myself turning to porn from asian countries, and europe, where they seem slightly less sterile, or to gay and indie companies, who take pride in preserving the "realness" of the experience. I find that there seems to be a backlash happening in these indie companies to bring back hair, and stretch marks, and real, jiggly boobs, and a reclaiming of our own bodies and our beauty. Because yes, a real live woman, with all her hair, sweat, and inperfections, who is truely enjoying herself, is the hottest thing there is.


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 I feel like i should play my own devil's advocate for a second here, obviously I totally agree with what you have just said, but a part of me always feel bad for the woman who we are discounting as fake. For instance the whole thin model thing, when people say that they're not a representation of real woman, what about the woman who are a representation of the model "type" or the mainstream porn "type", they are still real people, they are still a representation of women. I just feel bad, when it goes to the other extreme and they are totally left out. I just wish their wasn't such a distinction between the reality of the representation of woman in media and the reality that all other women experience. We all need a voice. Those with fake tits and shaved pussies as well. They shouldn't be discounted is all I'm saying...Not that I'm implying that that is what you were doing. Like I said, I'm being my own devil's advocate here. 


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I totally see your point, and I also don't want to discount anyone as "fake," if that's their choice. However, I feel like a lot of them feel forced into the fake tits, bleached out hair, half inch arcylic look by the industry. If that's how they genuinely feel most sexy, more power to them for naturally being what the mainstream wants, I just wonder how often that is the case.

That said, in a lot of the indie porn I've seen, while there is a distinctly larger range of body types, stereotypically mainstream good looking women often have at least a part of two. It's just nice to see a mainstream porn girl loving being fucked by like a fabulous butch every once in a while, you know?


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I can see how that would be nice. Hehe. 

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