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Have you heard? Brianna Freeman, a transgender woman, is suing Realty Resources Hospitality. They own the Denny's in Auburn, Maine, where she was banned from using the female restroom. She's asking simply for the right to be in the safe and appropriate restroom

In solidarity, I am organizing a National TransDenny's Day next Friday. I am asking the Trans and Gender Variant community to celebrate National TransDenny's Day this coming Friday, June 25!

We're going to show Denny's that we're not going away. Get your Gender Variant friends together and take over your local Denny's! Make sure to drink a lot of coffee. ;)

The reasons we are doing this:
1. It establishes us as customers. One of the ugly truths in our society is $=speech. We're telling them they're not going to intimidate us into invisibility.

2. It's a polite refusal to abrogate our rights. In the state of Maine, the law protects her right to use the ladies' facilities. The store broke the law. We're walking in and TAKING our rights.

3. Safety in Numbers during resistance: We WILL use the proper bathrooms. If there are several of us, it changes the scene considerably.

Please consider participating--and bringing friends and allies! Communicate with the local media to maximise effect. And drink LOTS of coffee ;)

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