Talking About the Taboo: 2nd CSPH Annual Conference

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CSPH 2nd Annual Conference

October 10th

1:00-5:00 Pm

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again, The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health welcomes you to our 2nd annual conference, “Talking About the Taboo, Discussing Difficult Issues in Human Sexuality.”

For the first time ever, The CSPH will provide sexuality education to adults in a safe and open environment. By bringing together all aspects of sexuality, the pleasure, education, advocacy and medical worlds, we hope to take subjects that are traditionally “taboo” and elucidate them, showing that the taboo can be fun, interesting and educational and most importantly, able to be discussed in thoughtful, provoking ways.

Talk to an Expert:

“Talking About the Taboo” will feature many sexuality experts willing to share with you their work in the field of sexuality. From medical providers, rape crisis counselors, to dominatrixes, you are sure to find someone to teach you something new! Listen to our panel, take a small group class or chat it up with our experts throughout the event.

Play with a Toy:

Check out our vendors, who will be showing off the latest and greatest in sexual aids. These top of the line, 100% safe toys and products can help to enhance your sex life in many ways.

Hear our Panel:

This year’s conference brings us some of the most noteworthy participants in the realm of sexuality. Be sure to stick around for what is sure to be an informative and lively panel addressing current issues surrounding sexuality. Our guest panelists will include:

Dr. Charlie Glickman,

Princess Kali,

Audacia Ray,

Sinclair Sexsmith,

Dr. Logan Levkoff

Anita Hoffner

Take a Workshop With:

Charlie Glickman, Logan Levkoff, Sinclair Sexsmith or with Sarah Sloane.

Special Bonus:

Providence Pin Up will be present taking photo’s of individuals who are interested in vamping it up in front of the camera. If you’re looking for a pin up experience, get dressed in your finest and strike a pose you can display in your living room.

And, If you are interested in being on the radio, Kink on Tap will be holding a special live tapping of the event!

Afternoon Schedule


1:00-1:30 Investigate the Groups Present at The CSPH
1:30-1:35 CSPH Welcomes You
1:40-2:30 Expert Panel Discussion
230-240 Investigate the Booths
2:45-3:30 Small Group Presentations
3:45-4:25 Investigate the Booths
4:45 Winners Announced
5:00 Annual Event Ends

Free Parking, Suggested Donation: 5.00 for college students, 10.00 for non-students

The CSPH has no intention to censor discussion, but those who have vocally disagreed with and/or have insulted the Center’s mission and activities in the past, or those trying to provoke others, are not welcome at this event. We reserve the right to bar and eject individuals as we see fit.

Please note: While this is an open event for the adult population and we encourage learning, no recordings or photo’s  may take place  without The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health’s prior permission.

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