Terrific PSA exposing bias and vanity

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Holy crap!  This is freakin' brilliant!  It is about prejudice and conceit.  The example is in how Africa is viewed, labeled and manipulated to assuage vanities and other self-serving aims.  However, the same process exists around gender, sex and body identities.  The free-for-all clamor for camera time and print publications that Lady Ga-Ga and Caster Semenya have produced are but two more recent and grotesque examples of people foisting their vanities upon someone else...for an allegedly 'good cause'.

When Bono edited the Africa issue of Vanity Fair, it included an essay written by Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina. Through that, he became aware of another piece he'd written for Granta a number of years ago called "How (Not) to Write About Africa."

Director Jesse Dylan and his company FreeForm worked with Binyavanga and the Beninois actor Djimon Hounsou to create this filmed performance of the essay.


Read the entire essay at http://www.granta.com/Magazine/92/How...

h/t to Feministing for this one

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