Too Many Crossdressing Accessories?

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 The internet has been a wonderful thing for me, being transgender and all. I have been able to meet tons of other people just like me and this has helped me tremendously in life. I actually feel normal after feeling the opposite for most of my childhood.

As a crossdresser, there are certain things that you purchase to help you express your femininity. Clothes, makeup and shoes are the essentials. To varying degrees most transvestites have these things in their wardrobe.

Beyond the staples, there are many other apparatuses designed to help you look like the female you always wanted to be. Breast forms, corsets, bodysuits, female masks, gaffs and even false vaginas!

Yes, you read that last one correctly. Why anyone would want to plunk down their hard earned cash on this is beyond me. Please note, though, that I am not judging. I just literally do not understand it.

Can buying crossdressing accessories be a slippery slope? I think that perhaps it can be if one lets it get out of control. Like anything, it must be done in moderation and not by impulse. 

I am not here to say what crossdressers should and shouldn't buy. However, it is important I think to take some time to ponder what you are purchasing.

On that note, I spoofed this concept in my commercial for birth control pills for crossdressers. If these indeed did exist (placebos) I would bet a hefty chunk of change that some people would buy them.


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