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The world is am ordered place.

We look at the order and make rules.

Occasionally reality doesn't fit. And genital mutilation is the cure.



I am talking about the multitude of children born each year with ambiguous gender. We are talking little people who arrive in the world with no way to say for sure that a blue or pink blanket should be applied. 


A psychology experiment actually revealed that adults find it hard to interact with a baby of no gender. And change behaviour depending on the assumed sex.

Passports and national databases have only two valid options. Marriage is between man and woman, the two sexes we have. Right? Right?


In fact there are loads of babies born each year with some level of uncertainty regarding the biological sex. About 1 in 2000.

Og you can't tell from the outside, the baby has ambiguous gonads, and the chromosomes are two X's and a Y, then what do you do?


Well, as a concerned doctor you assure the parents that the childs TRUE sex will be revealed after testing, and surgery will fix the "underdevelopment" of the sex chosen.

And then you decide if the baby has a macho enough penis.


I am not kidding. The size of manhood decides gender. As no man can possibly live without an impressive member, penises deemed too small are turned into clitorises, and a long process of making a "hole" starts. Both the male and female gender assignment is done at infancy for the sake of the parents. 


Genital. Irreversible. Surgery.  In some cases trading off fertility and sexual pleasure for a cosmetic conformity with a biological sex. So that parents will not be upset.


I could whine about the polarisation of genders, the legal issues of being trans, and the extraordinary lack of scientific basis for this practice being of any benefit. keeping such secrets from children, teling the parents that a real gender has been "found"..  These are all things warranting some outrage.


But the main concern is that non-consenting people are having their genitals gut into, and that the desicion was made based on their penis size. Because if you are not a man with a large enough member, you might as well be a girl with no sexual enjoyment or fertility. And the option of keeping all the "spare parts" such as ovaries, gonads, etc, till the child is a more definite gender, or capable of informed consent did not occur?


It shall also be said that there are several men alive with so called "micropenises" who have erections, ejaculations, and kids. Without being women.


Considering all the ways sex can mess up during you becoming you, the legal instance of two genders do produce some hilarious results, but also worrying. What if it was found out after my death that I, despite my delicious curves from fertilitygodesses past, was REALLY a man, by the chromosome-definition. Will my marriage be found void? This is high octane lawer-fodder.


This is all meta.  Right now, the reproductive and sexual health of babies are sacrificed in order to gain category-belonging. We are CUTTING OFF BITS, to make a arbitrary sex, because we need to know which gender to apply. Becoming female is surgically way easier by the way. But does require insertion of instruments for years to produce a "hole". 


Other countries are doing similar things to little girls, and we are not silent about that.


The gender politics are a by the by. They are cutting our babies, between the legs, to make a cosmetic sex for them to belong to. The outrage should be high.





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awesome post!

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Thanks for this.  The people affected by these decisions are impacted for the rest of their lives.  Major genital surgery for a health concern, is one thing.  Doing so for cosmetics, values or the social comfort of a parent is another thing altogether.  Most assuredly, parents want what is best for their children.  The advice of physicians toward parents on genital surgery is most accurate and appropriate when informed strictly by physical health.  Any child, any human can and will be the best judge for its own gender identity, personal values and happiness. 

If it ain't broke - don't fix it.


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