Transgender Dance Composition: Lost / Found

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"I'm interested in using the specific experience of being transgender as a way into talking about, really human universal questions of love and belonging, and feeling like an outsider."

-- Sean Dorsey


Transgender performer Sean Dorsey brings stories of his own struggles with gender and sexuality to the stage, making them accessible to a wider audience. Spark visits with Dorsey while he works on "Lost/Found."

For this work, Dorsey uses journal entries, memoirs and letters culled from the trans and queer community to piece together a narrative in which he fantasizes about the normal childhood he might have had if he was born a boy.

In addition to performing his own choreography around the country, Dorsey is the founder and artistic director of the Fresh Meat Festival, a trailblazing annual performance event featuring queer and transgender performers. Founded in 2002, the festival features a wide-range of genres from hip-hop and opera to traditional clogging.

San Francisco-based modern dancer and choreographer Sean Dorsey is also the performance director of the Tranny Fest Film and Video Festival and a member of Lizz Roman and Dancers. Dorsey's first major body of work, "The Outsider Chronicles," garnered him two Isadora Duncan Awards and a Goldie Award for performance. Dorsey is the recipient of a Wallace Alexander Gerbode Choreographer's Commission and an Individual Artist Commissions from the San Francisco Arts Commission.

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