Travel Queeries - What does it mean to be "queer"?

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Travel Queeries is a feature documentary film that explores the life, culture, art and activism of queer individuals and groups throughout a selected group of European cities. 

Radical queer identity and community within contemporary Europe.

Travel Queeries focuses on exploring queer as a political identity in 21st century urban Europe, looking at how language and identities translate over cultural and physical borders. The term queer, sometimes used in the United States as a unifying umbrella term for people who are LGBTQI, is also used by a progressive youth movement and academia and has many varied interpretations when brought into cross cultural context. While once a derogatory term, queer as a self-identity has become a significant political moniker in the international context for those living outside sexuality and gender norms.

The film has an amazing collection of COLLABORATIVE ARTISTS working with photography, drawing, painting, video art, animation and additional event footage, mostly based in Europe.

Elliat Graney-Saucke: Director - Executive Producer - Editor

Margaritte Knezek: Co-Producer - Director of Photography

Sid Peterson: Associate Producer - Photography/Design

Antonia "Toni" Gogin: Film Editor and Post-Production


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