From the UN: Millions of Women Killed as Punishment For Being "Witches"

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The economic downturn and global recession are killing millions of people. Reuters with the highly disturbing story today: killing of women and children accused of being witches on the rise around the globe. The children, who are not directly accused of witchcraft, are driven from their homes to live on the streets after their mothers are taken into custody and killed for practicing witchcraft. The increased violence, poverty and destitution of children in the poorest countries are disproportionately affected. Although there is no direct cause for what's being called "the witch frenzy”, UN officials blame poverty, religion, and the global economic downturn; everyone is looking for a scapegoat.

Murder and persecution of women and children accused of being witches is spreading around the world and destroying the lives of millions of people, experts said Wednesday.

The experts -- United Nations officials, civil society representatives from affected countries and non-governmental organization (NGO) specialists working on the issue -- urged governments to acknowledge the extent of the persecution.

"This is becoming an international problem -- it is a form of persecution and violence that is spreading around the globe," Jeff Crisp of the U.N.'s refugee agency UNHCR told a seminar organized by human rights officials of the world body.

Aides to U.N. special investigators on women's rights and on summary executions said killings and violence against alleged witch women -- often elderly people -- were becoming common events in countries ranging from South Africa to India.

Children are also killed as families fear punishment from government officials for harboring a witch.

...children living homeless on the streets in many countries had been driven out by families or communities because they were suspected of being witches.

But increasingly children suspected of witchcraft -- usually on the basis of vague accusations -- were being killed because their parents feared they would have to take them back if the authorities identified them.

Ulrich Garms from the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told the seminar that there were no reliable statistics on how many women and child "witches" were killed annually around the globe.

Other U.N. officials tracking the problem said deaths ran into at least tens of thousands, and beatings, deprivation of property and banishment and isolation from community life meant victims of "witch frenzy" ran into millions.

The role of politics within economic theory is broadly defined as the allocation of scarce resources; who gets what, when, where and how. If women and children are killed during this “witch frenzy”, caused in part by poverty and religious suspicions, politicians aren’t doing their part. The economic downturn, cessation of aid programs from wealthy nations and the global recession are harming people in more ways than can be imagined, this is a perfect example of that.


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there are certain 'low water' marks in civilisations

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The social droughts, floods, famines and other sweeping disasters that strike the heart of the system. 

The murder of each other as 'witches' is one such nadir.  We claim that a fantastical story rooted in fear and hysteria as reason to kill each other - in order to resolve our failure as a society.

It never works out well.


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