Weblog Awards Nominations!!

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The 2009 Weblog Awards

Here is a chance to share your love for our site and this community.  Please vote for SexGenderBody.com for the following 2009 Weblog Awards:

This is the nomination phase, which lasts until November 20, 2009.  Finalists will be selected and announced in December for final voting.  You can leave comments or simply press the little green plus below our name.

Look around all the categories and you will also see some other great blogs in there.  EvilSlutopia (who write fantastically here at SGB, for example) and many other great blogs are also nominated.  Be sure to vote for them as well.

Thank you for voting!

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We're going for Best Liberal

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We're going for Best Liberal Blog, which we should totally win based on our name alone.


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