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"So, what's a Poly Planet?" asked Anton Diaz when he interviewed me at Daka/Dakini back in October, 2009.  This blog is about the multiple answers to that question.

My life's work is about the social and cultural forces that can create the paradigm shift toward a poly future where humanity is at peace with our gracious hostess, planet Gaia.  These forces include the sexual freedom movement; the global peace, health and ecology movement; the poly movement, the bi movement, the holistic health movement, the dissident science movement, the pagan movement, and many other forces that seek to co-create an integrated sense of love and life on the third planet.

This blog will host all kinds of contributions to that discourse, including news, reflections, debates, reviews, dialogs, interviews, videos, comments, and more.  Why am I doing this?  The task is challenging, to say the least!  The reality is that many years of research across disciplines, cultures, languages, and discourses have persuaded me that, for our species, there is either what I call a 'Gaian future,' or no future at all.  So allowing all those interested access to this knowledge isn't just an option among many--it's a sheer necessity.

Sex and the environment don't make obvious bedfellows 
"Sex and the environment don't make obvious bedfellows," claims Tinamarie Bernard, a top-rated writer of sex, conscious love, intimacy, and relationships from the SF Bay Area, as she reviews my latest effort, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, for Modern Love Examiner,
Yet if there is value in sharing environmental resources, Bernard reckons, there must also be value in sharing 'amorous' resources, because love is as necessary for life as life is for love.

"Saving the planet" is just a euphemism for saving ourselves, since no other species is capable of destroying the web of life that makes our own existence possible.  If we humans want to make peace with Gaia, therefore, we must become more symbiotic.  And that's the point of this blog: creating a collaborative discursive space where the current paradigm upon which conventional knowledge is based can be interrogated--including the nature of love, life, health, evolution, and symbiosis, on a personal, community, interspecies, and planetary scale.

Please post your comments! 
As we post content, all of you are invited to respond.   I tell my students that the word, argument, verbal conflict, are all tools of peace because if we can hear each other when we disagree we won't need to resort to blows, or pu


, as they say in Spanish.  At the same words can divide since listeners understand them in different ways.  The blog will be a safe container for diversity of opinions and styles of expression.  What's the purpose of a blog if not presenting complex ideas in a simple way?  To that end, we encourage vernacular genres, beginning with dialogs, which is the style I chose for my G Tales.

So, thanks for asking the question, Anton!  
And thanks you all for the symbiosis of body/minds 
who think and co-create together.  
Welcome to Poly Planet GAIA!

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